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“Having never seen the band live before but certainly having heard about them, I was curious to see how they would perform, and I'm more than happy to report that they play solid numbers with technical ability backed up with some serious attitude – well worth catching if they're playing near you.”

“Diementia are part of a resurgent Scottish metal scene, and judging by the swelling in numbers when they came onstage they’d brought a few friends with them. It was the kind of performance that marks them out as one to watch out for as they take their music to the masses further afield in the coming year.”

“Diementia face a dwindling teatime crowd, but it does little to deter them from serving up some tight brutality. Capturing the accessibility of modern groove metal – and at times nodding even further back to The Big Four et al – they provide a sound that isn’t groundbreaking but certainly goes a long way towards shaking up the room.”

“Diementia are an insanely talented melodic death/Trash Metal band, with five skilled masters of their instruments who take playing melodic trash metal to a new level. These guys are differently professional and highly skilled players and their complexities of their technique is awe inspiring. Ricky Kerr is an exceptional drummer and when listening to these guys the unification of their instrumentals becomes one and aids the listener to Fly! A super impressive performance from the lads with perfectionist timing and incredible solos.”

“Superb E.P! There isn’t anything that has been forgotten or left out on this masterpiece – (except maybe the dead!) it is hard hitting, with a deluge of blast beats and damming vocal accompaniment that will leave you gagging for breath. The monstrous rhythms will just simply devour you! The only thing left for you to add to this superb E.P is to give your hair a good work out and to music like this I think that will come naturally! For all melo-death/thrash fans out there who love their music brazen, uncompromising and most definitely unholy - I urge you to check out Diementia and add this superb work to your ever growing collection of molten metal – I guarantee they won’t disappoint on ANY level.”

“Diementia have travelled all the way from Scotland for this (Beermageddon) show, and make it worth their while by crushing everything in their path, their death metal has every neck snapping and every head banging, powering through a blistering set combining new and old tracks, prompting myself to go and buy both of their albums immediately after their set. Well, an album and an EP anyway. I'd highly recommend their Forgotten Dead EP, some fantastic work on that CD.”

“Diementia launched what can only be summed up as Super Saturday. With influences ranging from Lamb Of God, Pantera, Slayer, and Anthrax to Fear Factory and Evile; Diementia tore through their set and the Glasgow based quartet set the stage for what was to become one of the most brutal days of the weekend. If there were hang-overs from Friday night, Diementia was the perfect curehttp://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/beermageddon/2012/review-overview.shtml#9Gc2JdOSK5mT1WoM.99”

“To say that the Forgotten Dead 4 track EP by Glasgow based metallers Diementia is a step up from demo album Tears Of Blood is a vast understatement! Not only in production but also in its ferocity! Vocals on Tears Of Blood were handled by drummer Ricky Kerr, one of two remaining members of that eras line up, but resident vocalist Duncan MacIvor certainly exorcises many demons over the 17 minute long EP. His first lung bursting bellow gives a more death metal feel to Diementia. While rolling riffs, shrieking vocals and armageddon like drums are yet more proof of their new lease of life. The EP immediately goes for the throat, a non stop barrage of barked vocals, slashing riffs and metronomic drums - 9/10”

“I guess this is thrash metal that does what it says on the tin - gives our ears a good thrashing Growls are very gutteral - some variety in vocal style would be nice- not talking clean - you can still vary the growls to create interest without opting for clean Guitars gallop through the tunes - pacey and solid Drumming - I am personally not a fan of the tingaling bits - too much for me - but thats a personal issue and does not detract from the overall tight performance Overall - good solid metal that will have mass appeal - and should gain you fans”

“Review for Ravaged By Fire: Brutal head banging bone crushing song. Vocals are a great fit for this genre of music. The band sounds tight overall but was hard to tell how good you guys are with production on this song. still I am not a thrash death metal everyday listener, but I did like the song expecially the intro. nice build up the the head explosion. 8/10 for now until I hear a better recording and 90 days is up. lol ”

“Review for Ravaged By Fire: Nice build up. It is like being punched in the face once you guys hit full throttle. Rock on!”

“Review for Ravaged By Fire : Wowser, incredible sound! the vocals definatly tok me by suprise i loved the intro, very dark and evil the vocals i think could be brought back a bit in the mix, its very loud and distracting from the music, but the music is great by the way! very strong, melodic and solid i love it 8/10!”

“Diementia for the New Blood stage Bloodstock Open Air 2012 " Yep I will have some of this, caught em live back in January and they were fucking excellent" !!!”

“Seen them play live up at ivory blacks in Scotland, great band, great live set. would like to see these guys again soon!”

“Damaged eardrums were the order of the evening at 13th Note on Friday, which featured three surprisingly varied performances.Taking the frantic pace down several notches, Diementia then mounted the stage to pummel the audience with doomy slabs of metal groove. With an entertaining, bantering frontman and a bassist who looked like she couldn’t have been happier to be onstage, Diementia kept the mood upbeat and the sounds heavy as hell.”

“now this is some awesome death/thrash metal right there. I do not doubt in your success at all, and I hope to get full version of Tears of Blood someday :P, cheers and keep up the good work guys!”

“Thoughts Of Revenge is my favourite...This one is old school death metal based song with some speed/thrash metal solos and some modern death/thrash elements...So it's fucking awesome!!!”

“I took time yesterday and listened closely to your music and all I can say is kickass. I'll be spreadin' the word through out my brutal metalhead friends and hopfully they like you guys as much as I. You keep it straight fuckin brutal and I'll keep listenin'. slaughter on my metal friends slaughter on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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“these guys are not fucking around, this is the real deal.”

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“Can not say anything other than your music is just amazing”

“Great Album, some nice changes that really hold your attention. Look forward to hearing some more material.”

“Just finished listening to Tears of Blood and holy shit you guys are good! Very nice riffing, solos, vocals and drumming.”


“Awesome Scottish death/thrash band.”

“Hi Brothers.. ..Great Music!!..Guitar Lick fuckin' Smart!!..I like it!! Greetings from Indonesia”

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“Absolutely Awesome! Brutal and kick ass! Horns up guys! ”

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“hey brother i listened to you on brutal existence radio ;) you are kick ass!!”

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“Really great Death Metal >:D "No Escape" is awesome! If you are interested in appearing on a Compilation, let me know ;) ”

“You guys have some great stuff..stay brutal!! ..m/ ”

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“Diementia are one brutal Death/Thrash Metal band.Roy Birmingham U.K.”

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