Diego's Umbrella / Press

““Where Gogol Bordello meets Muse. These underground heroes will soon be international superstars.””

Associated Press

"Diego's Umbrella has created a worldwide smorgasbord of fun music that ultimately plays like a cultured clown's party mix."

Performer Magazine

““Their quirkiness has enabled them to travel around the world, and garner them attention in both radio and television. They guarantee their fans and listeners that each and every one of their shows is a good time. By putting their best feet forward and maintaining their high level of tireless energy, Diego’s Umbrella refuses to take anything too seriously. They just want to take you along for the ride.””

Glide Magazine.com

"Both Diego’s albums, Viva La Juerga and Double Panther, are exciting twists on popular gypsy fusion, encompassing DeVotchKa’s dramatic sound and Gogol Bordello‘s intensity."

Crawdaddy Magazine

““With guitars straight out of a Tarantino movie, the group seamlessly blends mariachi, gypsy, flamenco and ska into one beer-soaked fiesta, with song topics varying from heartache to revolution.””