Diego Paulo / Press

“Twenty minutes later, Diego Paulo saved my night. This lively quintet from Delaware, fronted by the enchanting Katie Dill, immediately soaked up any tension in the room, disarming the suits with their crowns of flowers, glitter Bindis, and unassuming vibe.”

“You know the world just got a little bit smaller when five fresh-faced, White kids from Delaware import their own brand of Afro-Cuban, barefoot, Brazilian Bossa Nova, Tropicale back home and take it to the American road.”

“Steve Gray, one of those on the bus, said Diego Paulo 'was really fun to listen to and go see. They’re as much for the audience as they are for themselves.'”

“Diego Paulo has expanded their style to include bluegrass, rock and African influences. Nobles says the African sounds in their music are a result of listening to Ghana Special, a compilation album of funky and soulful Ghanaian music, on repeat during a particular drive from Newark to Philadelphia.”