Diego Bernal / Press

"...killer jazz-centric instrumental records that need to find their way into your ear drums."

"...think blunted instrumentalism equally indebted to Lowrider oldies, Latin funk and other Latin and South Texas music as much as Tribe and Dilla."

"[Diego] trims snare thwacks and polishes attic-weathered brass samples to charge them with new oxygen, building drum-heavy stormers from the ground-up.

"There is something for everybody on ["Besides..."] and lovers of instrumental albums will have to feel this."

“Writers' Best Instrumental Hip-Hop Albums of 2009”

“Top 10 of 2009”

“Top 10 Web Releases of 2009”

“One of the best hip-hop records of 2009”

“... a recipe for awesome... You're certainly in for a vintage treat”

“Download For Corners by Diego Bernal and chill the F out.”


“Sa production est un dense mélange de Breakbeat-soul-hype-hop avec de fameux samples bien obscurs et diverses influences latines...”

“Bernal... loops soulful horns and crackle-drenched samples into succulent low-riders.”

“For Corners is... worth it— starting with a gorgeously mournful J Dilla memorial, its gently frayed droning horns a flag at half-mast, the ticking drums a soldier's march.”

“For Corners" is magnetic, hypnotic, forlorn, and original - a bar-raiser for all future hip-hop.”

“... dope beats mixed with some classic horns and samples that take you back in time at the same time as moving you forward into the unknown.”

“This is just goodness all around.”

“For Corners is what beats are all about, and Diego has mastered his craft.”

“...just so good.”

“Nasty, dusty drums with ill samples - don’t sleep, motherf%$#*rs, unless you want to be the one left behind with no new funky-fresh flavours to impress that spring fling!”

“Those who love breaks mixes will love his sound.”

“'For Corners' is a great instrumental record.”

“...seems like something you’d find in an indie film or something.”

“Listen to the whole album... It's all great.”

“Not since Danger Mouse merged the Beatles and Jay Z for "The Gray Album" has giddy plunder-phonics sounded so easy, innovative and warmly soulful.”

“Download 'For Corners' from Bandcamp at http://diegobernal.bandcamp.com or the widget above.”

“I was not only blown away by his breaks-laden “Bring It On Home” single, but also the next-level consciousness he brings to his music.”

“Made for late-night cruising through either S.A.'s Westside or L.A.'s Eastside in search of the perfect taco truck.”

“Absorbing... an astonishing, Latin-flavored synthesis of disparate elements.”

“I seriously recommend checking this album out, even if instrumentals aren't usually your thing. These go by so fast and are so catchy that you'll be at its end before you know it.”

“...this is truly visionary.”

“Nine to Watch in Oh-Nine”

San Antonio Magazine

“The album is pure superhero music...”

“Download 'For Corners' at antipop.net.”

“For Corners is excellent...”

“Proving that it is possible to hold down a day job while creating dope beats by night.”

“Blips of woe-begotten work songs, swampy spirituals, garage guitars and synthetic drones become relaxed hip-hop instrumentals.”

“What immediately draws you in is Deigo's strong sense for the groove, but what is makes you listen again and again is his mixture of genres and influences and samples that is this love letter.”

“Bernal rummages through a multitude of genres when he’s designing these beats, and his trips are smoky and satisfying.”

“San Antonio-born DJ Diego Bernal cuts a juicy blend of Latin American-influenced hip-hop beats...”

“Find Diego Bernal on Facebook and iLike.”

“It's a fantastic instrumental hip hop record built on a foundation of that soul and funk... Don't miss this album... Its great.”

“This one goes out to ya'll... who'll bop their heads along to this at summer bbq's and parties...”

“The whole album feels much shorter than the forty minutes it actually is, which is a good thing...”

“This is truly old-school hip-hop, with loops shorter than a goldfish’s memory, and beats as taut as a piano wire. Much of it is crowd-pleasing party music... But there’s plenty of subtlety here...”

“Really - it’s ill.”

“For Corners is magnetic, hypnotic, forlorn, and original - a bar-raiser for all future hip-hop.”

“Bernal's 'Father's Son' is a wild stutter-funk blend of woozy strings, organ, and guitar shadings...”

“Diego Bernal has a 'knack for pulling the perfect groove.'”