Diction One / Press

“I was enjoying the album, it’s laid back and often eclectic production, and the wide range of styles represented by the featured MCs. Then I hit track ten, which introduced a ridiculously funky and catchy piano beat that grabbed my attention. “Damn! That shit is HOT!” I exclaimed before rewinding the track a couple times to hear it through. I bumped the album all day and later that night at the crib. The next day, I told my man DJ Father Time about it. He had been looking for a good underground track to put in his new mixtape, and I thought the piano on the Diction & Serge track might fit the direction in which his compilation was headed. We took off for lunch in my Chevy Prism, which is a pimp ride regardless of what y’all haters say, and I watched my man’s eyes light up as I played track ten. “Who is that?” he asked. “Diction and Serge, homie.””