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“Dickie Lee Erwin 'Shadetree' - High Plains Erwin is Austin Texas based and has been performing and releasing music for the last 33 years. This is his eighth release since starting on his spiritual journey and the songs are well produced by Rob Halverson, who also contributes a variety of parts on various instruments. There is one cover, Gentle on my Mind, which is given a slow tempo banjo and guitar strum. The rest of the songs are created by Dickie Lee Erwin and he delivers them in a laid-back style which brings to mind the easy groove of lazy afternoons spent on the back-porch. Go Ahead and Rain is a fine song that features excellent mandolin playing from Chris Mietus and the steel guitar of Gary Newcomb. Johnny Said is a song that reflects on the breaks that life brings and the need to ‘walk that line.’ Abra Moore appears on a number of tracks adding sweet harmony vocals and it is good to know that she is still active on the music circuit.Grindstone and River of Dreams are”

“Poppin' Johnny . . .There are whiffs of Don Walser-like down-home sensibilities, particularly on "Farmboy", "Big Screen Color TV" and " Stop Me From Lovin' YOu", which features infectious scale-climbing guitars and playful vocals.”

“Poppin' Johnny (Texas Music Round-up). From the title to the tunes, longtime Austin fixture Dickie Lee Erwin ( whose career credits veer from Ronnie Lane to Killbilly) is enjoying himself, and the feeling is mutual.”

“Dickie Lee Erwin's Poppin' Johnny (Freedom), sets the pace for this barrel of high country tunes. Erwin's never been one to play it safe – he's played with Ronnie Lane and been produced by Hunt Sales – and this fine local collection displays his cowboy heart and denim soul with real class.”

“Stop Me From Lovin' You," the killer opening track of Dickie Lee Erwin's Poppin' Johnny (Freedom), sets the pace for this barrel of high country tunes. Erwin's never been one to play it safe –”

“Killbilly banjo slayer has matured into a fine country songwriter, as evidenced by new album 'Swan.' Such new tunes as 'I Remember That and 'Time Alone' show great depth of spirit.”

"Dickie Lee Erwin is a versatile musician who brings his personality into his music which makes it a worthy addition to those names of Texas musicians who may not be that well known outside of a select circle but sure should be."

“SWAN IS A MOODY COLLECTION of ten traditional country songs caressed in a rural, simple, direct, authentic voice of Dickie Lee Erwin, fitting seamlessly with four instrumentals. He sometimes slides smoothly into the lounge side of country. The veteran musician Erwin grew up in rural Hobbs, New Mexico, hit the booming Austin scene in the mid 1970s, and was part of the awardwinning Erwin Prather bluegrass band and Ronnie Lane’s original Austin acoustic band Seven Samurai in the 1980s. He also was part of the Texas Connection, Killbilly, and others before releasing his first two solo CDs. The songs on Swan, his third, are mostly solid and traditional, dealing with seemingly simpler times, filled with love, cheating, broken hearts, too much time in the fast lane, and the disturbing “Diamonds and Tears,” a cowrite with Danny Jacobus that tells the story of a Chinese woman who got rich running an unscrupulous adoption agency.”

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