DiCharisse / Press

“GREAT show last night!”

Catina Hunt-Pirtle - Facebook

“You look hot!”

Lisa McElhaney Charles - Facebook

“Stellar Performance....”

DST - Facebook

“U put on 1 hell of a show last night!”

Nikki McElhaney-Sanders - Facebook

“DiCharisse you are truly the Hottest Female Artist in Atlanta!!!! I count it a privilege to be able to work by your side. J.Morris Loves him some You!”

“Superb vocals”

Daniel Johnny Johnson, Jr - ReverbNation


SF1 - ReverbNation

“Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Always knew you would go far with your singing career. I'll see you on Thursday,14 July”

“I came out to the show this weekend... it was a really great show! U guys sound great!”

“Just rising & shining after witnessing the fan show last night from @dicharisse & Flow. The band, John, and the power vocalist were on pt!”

cocoakeke - Twitter

“GREAT VOCALS...VERY SMOOTH!!!! I would love to do a show with you!!! I think that would BE FIYA!!!”


“.... I really enjoyed the show. Your lyrics spoke to me on so many levels - can't wait for you next performance.”

Cleveland Flowe - Facebook

“Come to the AUC (Morehouse, Spelman, Clark Atlanta, Morris Brown)”

Bisi Smith - Facebook

“Hi, DiCharisse !!!! I purchased Forever More today on iTunes... Love your Voice! I'm excited & can't wait for your album!!!!”

“I still have your performance from the Apache' on repeat in my mind...."Be gone, be gone..." can't wait to see you and Flow again!”

Marquisha L Howard - Facebook

“Congratulations on the show Friday from Total Eklypse Media. Keep up the good work!”

“I Watched your band vids, and I became a fan. Great job!!!”

Gary West - Facebook

“U were awesome last nite. Really enjoyed the entire performance. Wish u nothin but success. Have a great day.”

Quanittee Coalson - Facebook

"Stanby" & "ADAM" are my Favorites on your Debut EP!!! Continue to Uplift & Inspire in your Songs!

MamaVibe - ReverbNation

“keep doing your thang girl, Corepreme sends you much love”

CorePreme - ReverbNation

“your sick wit it ma,luv ya voice style all of the above,hands down your a hit!”

“Lovin' the music”

KayJay - ReverbNation

“Checked out her songs and video and wow! Voice, personailty, songs with meaning and good looks!”

Facebook - John Garrett

“Smooth vocals.... Definitely feeling it.”

Bryan Nelson - Facebook

“I love it! ...has a Jill Scott, India Arie feel to it to me. I am feelin' it!”

Marquisha Howard - Facebook

"Phenomenal Talent"

Branden Burch - XME Inc.