Diane de Mesa / Press

“Please Check out this Official Music Video ”By my side” by @MsDianeG “Her voice is truly unique, very expressive that’s why she’s one on my favorite Filipino Singer in Youtube.” Grab a copy of Diane de Mesa’s album now available on iTunes!! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fly-away/id426690459 Thank You!”

“Congratulations to Diane de Mesa who has just released her first album, ‘Fly Away’. Vocals for the album were recorded here at Certain Sparks, and I also mixed the album... Diane’s attention to detail on this project surprised me and I began to realize how much this project meant to her. This was much more than just a hobby for Diane, it was a real passion for music and it shows. She would send detailed mixing notes w/ exact times for fades and suggestions for small changes. I admired the amount of work she was willing to put it into this album and I am very proud of her! In addition to making music, Diane has payed careful attention to creating a substantial online presence. She’s done a fantastic job of getting her name out there. Diane has made it very easy to find her music, her blog, and twitter pages, which translate to more exposure for her music, which leads to more listeners, which leads to MORE FANS! Great work Diane!”

“Great review of a great album! The lyrics are well-written, the vocals are great, the music sounds awesome, and the themes are very relatable - all of the elements that prove that Diane's very talented and that her music is, and always will be, incredible. She's not some bland pop singer who relies on auto-tune and sleazy outfits - she's honest, sincere, down-to-earth, and she writes her own songs and she's really good at it. Unlike popular artists (I consider Diane to be a star, although others may disagree with me), Diane's music is memorable and relatable. People will be listening to her music and loving it far into the future. Way to go Miss Diane! Keep up the amazing work!”