Diamonds for Eyes / Press

“On their newest album, Catacomb Fires, Diamonds For Eyes loses a bit of the schizophrenia, but what they lack in genre jumping, they make up for in a focused, well made and oddly fun album to listen to. And while I don’t like it in the same way I liked Era, I do like it very much. It is a little more of a early classic rock album, on occasion even classic country. The focused sound helps with the whiplash effect and kind of soothes the listen a bit more than their previous. However, the vocals, which I think make for the most interesting part of both albums, haven’t changed much.”

“From the foreboding rock of the opening track, "Everything," to the lighter pop of "Three Joyous Shouts" and "Any Other Day," to the brutal honesty of "Please... Baron Mind," Diamonds For Eyes teeters between the dark and the light much like Conor Oberst on the album's eight original songs.”

“The album sets a dark tone early on with “Everything”, which might be my favorite track on the album. Josh Putney’s baritone along with the heavy guitar sound lead to a much more ominous and borderline evil track then the jaunty mandolin and banjo folk band I had expected. The refrain sets a sick riff underneath Putney’s voice and leads to an honest to God guitar solo, something missing from music this day and age.”