Diamond & Jules / Press

“Some of the most original music I have heard on Reverbnation! Really nice arrangements and well structured music."Something That You Said," reminds me of "White Bird" From the 60's. Amazing guitar work; not a million notes, just the right ones! Keep up with it.”

Relics Of Rock - Reverbnation

“Hey guys. Another potential hit with "Until The Time Is Right". Great song!”

Chris Cormier - Ideas Company

“Love your bluesy guitar work and savvy vocals - you guys have some really cool tunes!”

Paul Christopher - Pop / Rock / Instrumental - Reverbnation

“Dig the tunes! I really like the arrangements on “I believe in you.” The chord progression with the vocals rock!”

Run Blue Run - Country / Honky Tonk - Reverbnation

“Wonderful music!”

Aziza Miller - Jazz / Soul / Poetry - Reverbnation

“Wow this just blows me away. Killer songs, guitar and vocals. Just awesome stuff!! Very very cool!”

Tom Mannion's SICK GUITAR - Reverbnation

“Hey Guys, I said it before but I want to say it again. I JUST LOOOOVE your song “I Believe In You.” That one doesn't just deserve to be on the radio - it NEEDS to be on the radio. Love the guitars and Laurels voice and lyrics are fantastic! Really, really great job! Can't wait to hear the next CD.”

Chris Cormier - Ideas Company