Diabolic Intent / Press

“Abandon all hopes of compassion and revel in the bloodbath that is Diabolic Intent”

Pit Magazine

“Someone sign these guys!”

“One of Orlando's heaviest Death Metal bands”

Ed - Necrometal Ezine

“The odd time alterations and signatures on Reborn, most notably in "Pain Divine," prove the Melbourne, Florida band has strong command of their instruments”

Metal Maniacs

“The musicianship is outstanding all the way around and it's obvious this band has done it's metal homework”

Pete - Heavycore

“One of the most brutish metal shows to hit Brevard County in a long time”

Jeff Nall - Florida Today TGIF Newspaper

“Slams you into a full on attack with lots of fast blast beats and quick to the punch guitar work. 7 of 10”

Ed - Necrometal Ezine

“Diabolic Intent carried an intensity of a ravenous rabid rabbit. As defense to the bombardment, the audience rallied into the mosh pit.”

Betanya Grant - The Scribe

“DIABOLIC INTENT shows grim death metal (with some grinding touches) of a definitely high quality. 7.5 of 10”