“In memory of the former guitarist of Diabolic family, JEFF PARRISH (Apr 15th, 1972 / Feb 14th, 2013) Repulsive Echo Records and Blastermasters Inc... Proudly presents the City of the Dead 2014 Vinyl Edition… Thank you all for your patience… NOW OUR DEMONS ARE FREE TO FLY!!”

“DIABOLIC Inks Deal With Salem Rose Music Publishing”

"Imagine 'Supreme Evil' getting entangled with Morbid Angel's 'Altars Of Madness' and you've an idea as to how Diabolic's newest brutality, 'Excisions of Exorcisms' will set your life ablaze! It's surely old school in feel but with a modern twist...hell ya!"

"The masters of underground Death Metal return with their newest incantation! This IS the future of Death Metal!"