Diablo Royale / Press

““Resistance,” with it’s “six feet underground” refrain and mad-as-hell riffery is as certain to imprison your ear as the first time you ever heard “Paradise City.””

“I’ve seen this band grow, and they truly are a force to be reckoned with…”

“Whiskey vocals and massive guitars, powerful songs that go the distance – if you like it heavy this one's all you.”

"Diablo Royale, a gritty heavy metal act with real musicianship, played loud but didn't rely on volume. Without any gimmicks, they stole the night by channeling Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine with a classic '90s sound made modern that would play well to larger arenas."

"The message of the songs in this EP is truly as important as the breath-taking music, unlike some hard-rock releases that only cater to the animal in people with the music and never the rational part in the lyrics."

“Containing a striking balance of timeless commercial appeal and balls to the wall attitude, Diablo Royale’s blazing twin guitar assault, uncompromising crunch and down and dirty hard rock swagger captures the grittiness of their hometown with a bevy of hooks ready to rock the masses.”


"This is not an album for the morning shower, or the commute, or break time on the job, or a steamy one-night stand — this is an album for all of those situations."

Eldritch Stuff

"Greedy Dogs is a slavering beast of an album, as aggro as Pantera, as slick and sleazy as their neighbours’ sex slaves, and as heavy as at least two tons of bricks."

Sleazegrinder - Classic Rock Magazine

"..they are continuing the hard rock tradition which in today’s music market is noticeably refreshing. If you are tired of wave after wave of hipster synth-pop and are jonesing for some balls out rock give Greedy Dogs a whirl."

Shawn Donohue - Glide Magazine

“Diablo Royale is a rare diamond among rhinestones that you need to go see.”

Kelly Rush - Out On The Town

“Diablo Royale throw abandon to the wind and come out with all guns blazing on this disc sure to rule the roost at the biker bar down the block for a very long time.”

Mike SOS - RoyalFlush

“You have to check these guys out! They are awesome!”

Tim Louie - The Aquarian

“If molten steel has its own sound, it will sound like Diablo Royale– probably the hardest rocking Fil-Am fronted band in Brooklyn.”

“...So, do you need the Diablo Royale debut? The answer is yes if you want a good time with some Down 'n' Dirty Rock 'n' Roll.”

“Heavy meddlin... DIABLO ROYALE sends their self titled release. Kickin drums, massive guitars and vocals to match, Bad ass rock-n-roar that keeps it evil - they put the devil back in metal. ”

Starr Tucker - NY Waste

“...next time you find yourself in the iTunes store, and if you don’t want Britney to “give you more”, take a listen to Diablo Royale. Hilly Kristal might just smile from above”

“They rock, Brother. Hard.”

Sleazegrinder - Classic Rock Magazine