DIABHOLICO Official / Press

“Diabholico is another wicked cool band that is coming to us from the Great North…Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; to be exact. They create blood-curdling death metal that can chill any listeners bones while making their hair stand on end. Do not be too frightened, though, because their music, photos, videos, and merchandise are all gorgeous demonstrations of masterpiece artwork. Diabholico unmercifully dishes out death metal that will satisfy the hunger of the damned. Their vocals are brutal; their guitar sounds tear flesh from the bone, and the bass and drumming can illustrate what a thunderstorm in hell would probably be like.”

"If you are into the Classic evil Death Metal, look for this great band . I feel good things are waiting for these guys."

"The last song is my favourite, "Halls Of The Damned" . This song is about the mind of the insane . and it features all the right elements. greats riffs , insane vocals and technical drum work. This kicks major ass.I'm pretty sure these guys are ready to follow the footsteps of other extreme Canadian bands and acquire international renounce."

"the nice and most salient part could be the vocals, they are very low and brutal with some gory/wet vocals along with the main lines"

“Check out Ottawa's newest death metal monstrosity! Crushing old school death metal done right!”