Dgzu$ (DemiGod) / Press

“Right Now Dgzu$ is performing miraculous works. Creating such beautiful music as "Every Weh Mi Go" & "Worth More Than Gold" Exclusives will be realesed Next Month ! Look Out for these new tunes by the Demi-God Dgzu$...”

"Out Now !!! "Silent Assassins" The Killerz Mixtape .. Featuring Dgzu$, Ronald Cross, Kii Pera, Crizzy Santaiga, Hypa, S-Loc & C4. Get your FREE ! Copy @ Datpiff.com "Silent Assassins"

“Out Now !!! "RealLifeKing Vol1" The Magic Mixtape .. Featuring Dgzu$. Is now in circulation and getting great reviews as Dgzu$ Anticipated. "Dem gzu$, RealLifeKing time now, My time now. Suh why dem suh serious, It was said. The king shall reveal himself !. "RealLifeKing Vol1" "This Town Desrves A Better Class Criminal. And im Guna give it to em. - The Joker" Get your FREE ! Copy @ Datpiff.com "Real Life King”

“In The Short Film Music Video " Money Paro" Dgzu$ used the setting of the lavish 5 star Marriott hotel, where he hustles in true prestige life. And Yes, the Artiste Dgzu$ did use his own money to fill the safe. Nearly 100k minus Film & 5 Star Living. All organized & Paid for by Dgzu$ himself. As he frequents the Marriott in real time, Dgzu$ in "Money Paro" is a true depiction into a few minutes of Dgzu$ life. Surrounded by money, paranoid & trapped. Dgzu$ continues to hustle looking over his shoulder, locking doors, keeping a safe for all his money and access to many guns. Trying to stay unreachable in the heights of his secured & private condo on the 12th floor. Dgzu$ Finds himself waking up in the reality that some how, some way they still got to him... But is he dreaming or is he just Paro. Money Paro ( paranoia ). Watch The Official "Money Paro" Music Video Now! Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage Coming Soon...”

“Along with the announced "Hosea & Jaharlot" Street Album... Dgzu$ wil also be coming out with another street album for the summer. Was To Remain just A Secret Bonus, But he says now "the hunt is on. This One Deadly" (Clue 2 The Title) Image.Inc Films. We will be making the Exclusive Videos For this Street Album.. Stay Tuned”