Dexter Payne / Press

“Pra Você is a delight from start to finish. The sound..clarinet, accordion, piano, guitar and drums-percussion is light and unique…very attractive ensembles…wonderful repertoire... ★★★★ (4 stars)”

“...quietly brilliant...”

“...proof that Brazilian music can flourish in the most unlikely places... everyone, gringos included, plays splendidly here.... Quite the refreshing disc...”

“Dexter Payne's Beautiful Brazilian Music CD Has a Great Backstory: ...Pra Vocè ("For You"), delights listeners … all you have to do is listen… Watch Dexter Payne talking about the bad-ass nature of beauty.”

“Have you ever … felt like nature was a cathedral and you were seated in its front row? Another Feeling sounds just like that: completely, naturally, immaculate and beautiful. Dexter Payne on clarinet and alto saxophone creates this Feeling with writer/arranger Thiago de Mello. ”

"... bossa nova with winning subtlety, fitting together like pieces of an intricate, intimate puzzle... finally, a virtuoso musician who really hears the Brazilian whispers, and not just the carnival clamor."

“Payne makes the challenging appear effortless on "Inspiration" (Dexofon Records). Relaxing and intellectual at the same time, "Inspiration" might remind American ears of the classic Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd collaboration, "Jazz Samba."”

"if he shows up in your town, go see this master alto sax player, sometimes airily reminiscent of Desmond, or Shank, but [with] more humanity, more earth, more fire. This is a very accomplished musician... and well worth driving a hundred miles or more to hear."

Jon Jackson - Big Sky Journal