Dewey Syntax / Press

“There is a warmth to Dewey's guitar playing that, despite all of the synthetic coating, is rooted in the deep soulfulness of the blues. For example, "Emerald Eyes" is aglow with Dewey's romanticism; his guitars sparkle like fireworks, capturing love's explosion of fulfilled longing. "Everyone approaches an instrument in their own way," Dewey explained. "I can hear my style and sound on my recordings, which inspire me to fuel my passion to write and play music." That passion is clearly evident in every note in Lark the Ivy On.”

““Lark the Ivy On” is the fifth outing for Dewey Syntax and as a long-term listener I can say that this is the most mature effort to date. Every track on the CD shows the care and consideration the artist took to create a body of work that is on par with his influences. Notably, Dewey Syntax makes good use of extended guitar riffs without becoming self-indulgent. From the first note of “Better Days Ahead” to the fade out of “Moonlight / Still in Love,” the CD shows Eric Dewey’s coordinated effort to guide your soul on an evocative journey. In fact, to not listen to the CD from beginning to end is to lose some of the story and to be cheated of the essence and spirit that is “Lark the Ivy On.””

“I really like this guys' style. He puts his heart and soul into his music and you can feel it. It brings me elsewhere and allows me to sail off to another place. As far as i know this is his second album and I find the music in his latest album has more dimension and facets then his first album; but yet it isn't overly complex. If you like the easy Jazzy style of artists such as Standley Jordan; then I think you'll really enjoy Dewey's "I Eva Keyed Thy Owl".”

“The death of progressive rock has been greatly exaggerated. While it's true that prog has long been extinct from the public eye for decades now, the genre remains a living and breathing entity, kept alive by its pioneers and followers in an underground network of the faithful. Among them is Denver, Colorado-based guitarist Eric Dewey, who has dubbed his project Dewey Syntax.”

“Sweet, sweet guitar styling!! Sure enjoyed listening to your instrumental...Uplifting, wonderful vibes in music!! Such a beautiful, and rather relaxing arrangement~ well thought out, and wonderfully done... sure enjoyed listening to you play that guitar, very nice!! (: =Bravo= :)”

“Eric Dewey, a cool cat & great musician who not only still plays one of the first guitars I ever built but also THE first short scale bass I ever did ('98) and an old Peavey I made a 9-string out of, is promoting his latest project, putting some good music out & helping cancer causes. Check it out. The CD is good too!”