Devoutcast / Press

“That was impressive!”

Daniel (Show Producer) - 103.9 WRCN

““Melody is missing from a lot of bands, it’s so hard to do and you guys pull it off!””

Frankie Dee - 103.9 WRCN

““It’s brilliant. It’s really brilliant!... You guys definitely have something.””

Frankie Dee - 103.9 WRCN

"'Mr.Stranger’ wields a certain true grit with it’s walls of guitar hooks and electrifying riffs. The aggression, angst, and anger all bubble up to the front, and Devoutcast sound like an uncaged beast ready to rip rock ‘n’ roll apart."

Rick Jamm - Jamsphere Magazine

“Heavy guitar riffs are the engine that drives this band, propelled by a tight-to-the-bone rhythm section and topped by an impressive vocal performance, a perfect balance between swagger and melody.”

“Devoutcast takes the rock you know and raises it up to a new level of intensity. This Denver, Colorado band hits you right in the gut with heavy riffs, but makes you love them with their catchy hooks and the Silverchair-esque scratchy vocals. There’s something dark and melodic in Devoutcast’s sound.”

Sean - newmusicrelease.net