Devitto P the Hitmaker / Press

"I had the pleasure of listening the Portrait of Life in its entirety, and it led me on an emotional journey. I’ve heard many Devitto P songs in the past, but this project left me feeling eerily like he was invading my psyche. It’s almost as if I was staring at a blank canvas while he was painting me a vivid picture. It was cinematic, and filled with sweltering emotion. It took me on quite a rollercoaster. After hearing the project, I wanted to reach out to Devitto and ask him what led him to his most profound work yet."


“After fifteen years of making music, Salem-local Devitto P, who specializes in hip hop & harmony, is finally releasing his first full-length album, "The Blacklight." ”


The Salem weekly

“The new guy might make the difference. If good music plus hard work plus promotion equals success, then Devitto Swoop completes the equation. Plus, the man has style. A matching outfit, carefully-manicured facial hair, and a little bit of gold goes a long way toward making a notable first impression. The slickness of his style carries over into his music as well. On his upcoming Fastlane release, his smooth delivery and party-time lyrics are the framework that he drapes his gift for melody around, fashioning songs with a distinct R&B flavor. He's mastered the experience he gained promoting and performing shows back in Oregon. ”