Devine Electric / Press

“Not just another rock band merely ripping off their influences - these evident touchstones are the springboard for a wealth of diversity across the album as the band explore their love for their chosen style of sassy hard rock. With great songs, neat playing and a stellar mix from Coroner guitarist Tommy Vetterli, Devine Electric is an excellent rock n roll kickstart to 2016.”

"This full-length has been a long time coming, but the wait was worth every moment."

“For those that expected Devine Electric to stand still, the most exciting aspect of this full length debut is the progression seen in the new material. This is damned good and how these new songs will sound live just might be the best night out you’ll have next year…”

“Sydney's Devine Electric may have been around a while and from what I hear have a great live show, but this EP hints at bigger things. With a swagger and a sound like Rose Tattoo meets the Gunners you may think you've heard it all before, but as a wise man once said: great songs are great songs”

“Do Devine Electric have what it takes to make it? I think so. They're a band with catchy songs and a killer live presence so let's hope it can happen sooner rather than later.”

“Devine Electric create a more complex musical landscape than many of their peers. Their style ranges from the balls to the wall hard rock one might expect from them, to more poppy, dare I say it Beatlesque tunes. This is a band ready and willing to flex it’s musical muscle, and there is a lot of it to flex.”