Devil On A Leash / Press

“Local genre-defying band Devil On A Leash will be releasing their debut album Puppet Shadows on Saturday in a CD Release show at Louie G’s.”

“With a garage pop sound that experiments in hard rock and psychedelic, Devil On A Leash make tunes that are bound to stick in your head”

"Have you ever seen the look on someone's face the first time he rides a roller coaster? It's a mixture of abject fear, exhilaration and satisfaction. This same convoluted look might grace your mug standing in front of Devil On a Leash Friday night at Hell's Kitchen. Bobble Tiki urges you to blow off some serious steam with twice as many drinks as you all can handle with Devil On a Leash. This band rocks, and rocks it in a roller coaster way. It's an up-and-down ride in terms of their sound. The band changes its style of rock within a set more than the City of Tacoma changes its mind on policy. That said, its heavy guitars remain a constant base."