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“Let's return to those bands who kept bringing up Devil Killing Moth for a second. They noted things like smart lyrics and passionate playing as reasons to seek out the band.”

“The sound of an old soul resonating from such young men sparks the flame that is Devil Killing Moth. Lyrics alone provoke deep thoughts, going deeper with the ethereal sound of Daniel's voice along with haunting guitar riffs from Anton. I fell in love with their sound as a duo on *Battle of Three Bands*. Then they changed the game and added a drummer. I was a bit ambivalent of the changes, but they sounded good on air in February just after the addition. Immediately after, the boys started working on a new CD, pulling old lyrics out of the closet, breathing new life into them. *Once I Used to Dream* proves the recent addition of Ryan Galbraith on drums is the completion of this musical pyramid. Evidence of much work and dedication, each note is well placed, making for a tight sound wandering around in your ears, slowly seeping into your brain. I can't wait to see what these boys do next!”

"I'll have to invent a new category for this little treat. 'Time Is Still' is Gut-wrenching Psychadelic/Americana/Trance/Delta/Rock. Yep. That's about it...and it is FANTASTIC. Try this song and then 'Brother' to fall instantly in love with a new band. Yeah. That just happened. " ~ Abby Owen, Texas Blues Roadhouse

Abby Owen - Texas Blues Roadhouse

“Their combination of electric and acoustic rock make for a good show”

“The Devil Killing Moth brought their extraordinary show to Rudyard's this evening. This two piece act certainly puts out a lot of energy. Their special blend of guitar effects, spacey melodies, and heartfelt vocals really mesh for a good show.”

"Devil Killing Moth: Butterflies with Attitude" Devil Killing Moth (n): 1. The sound of all hope dying. 2. A secret desire to become damned. 3. Moth themed crime.

“Question, "..Was that your intention? To flush out D-bags in hiding?"”