“Led by frontman Creech, they combine guitar driven rock riffs with powerful lyrics about the state of the world.”

“They mesh old school hip-hop, socially- conscious ideology with a ridiculous rock style that reaches out to fans across multiple genres. As a writer, I can't help but think at some point I will look back and say, "I got to interview them back before...”

“Without a doubt, DMR has to be the best local band in Atlanta, GA. Their stage-presence is contagious and full of energy....DMR seems to be headed in a direction which a lot of these bands want to be heading.”

“When you talk about DMR, you are talking about guitars being shred with Slash-like precision, James Brown hits, and a front-man that absolutely commands your attention.”

“He seamlessly flows from style to style meshing them all to uniquely grind out his own. With the power and talent of the band behind him, I have no doubt that Mr. Creech and Detroit Mutant Radio have what it takes to be what they deserve to be...at the top.”

"“Detroit Mutant Radio’s debut, Cash N Burn, is a carnival of musical styles, with ring-leader, Mr.Creech determining the extent to which the spectators receive rock, soul, funk, rap, and hip-hop. It’s all there most impressively in every track, but never in the same disposition... ”"

Nadia Lelutiu - The SILVER TONGUE

““I believe these guys are the difference between what you’ve heard and what you’ll be hearing from now on.””

John Foxworthy - GarageRadio.com

““I played the album straight through from start to finish. This album is a Blast!””

The G-Man, - MusicDish.com and Immedia Wire Service

““Detroit Mutant Radio deserves to be heard. They take chances and they make a real attempt to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable in hip-hop culture.””

Khary Kimani Turner, editor Metro Times Detroit and contributing writer for VIBE - METRO TIMES DETROIT