Detra / Press

"It feels like Pat Benatar teaming up with Evanescense to show Lady GaGa who's boss."

“ Layered sonic soundscapes which I'm sure will fit into any number of film production; captures shifts in mood which is compositional professionalism at its best. ”

Blindspin, CA - Reverbnation

“ What can we say? 'Breaking Dawn' starts out ominous, and dark, to rise and soar all around sweet yet powerful vocal melodies that soar and leave you breathless.....we're hooked, Detra rocks! ”

Relative Blood. - Reverbnation

"Breaking Dawn" avoids the trap of cookie-cutter chords and uninspired writing. Instead, Detra offers up interesting music backed by an addictive voice that holds up to repeated listens. Hope to hear more.

Embers of Autumn - Reverbnation, Ohio

“Sweet musical changes in 'Breaking Dawn', Love the production values and your vocal work. Epic sound, and that's a good thing, ”

TPK, Reverbnation - Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Breaking Dawn is excellent, superb singing, brilliant dramatic production. ”

LDOE - United Kingdom

“One word....AWESOME....Breaking Dawn is a masterpiece.”

Deimos - Italy

“Your music is truly amazing!!”

Michael Wagener, producer/mixer - Ozzy, Motley Crue, Metallica, Skid Row......

“Awesome drama and soaring scale to the arrangement for "breaking dawn"..brilliant vocals, and a strong, original structure kept me guessing at every corner..like a mini rock musical in a tune! Lovin your imagination and rockin out style! ”

MikeWhitePresents, - London, UK