Detonated / Press

"Lost in the Underworld" one of the best songs I've heard in a long time

Made From Scratch Studios

“DETONATED are playing a tight and well structured Thrash close to METALLICA, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, ANNIHILATOR and SACRED REICH”

Metal Kaoz

“The way they unleash the guitar themes is really impressive and in some parts there is genuine inspiration.”

Metal Kaoz

“It's great to hear some speed metal where you can actually hear the lyrics! Awesome vocals and thunderous, charging riffs..."Set To Annihilate" is a monumental piece of work !”


“Stone cold tight thrash! Detonated's track "Set To Annihilate" kicks you in the skull!”

Dark Measure

“Love your vocalist! I listen to a lot of thrash and this is now on my favorites list.”

Point Zero 8

“wow!! loving your raw power!!”

Todd C. Stone

“Some serious thrash....bad ass tunes. \../”

Electric Tirade

“Fucking epic !”

The Leucadian

“Epic guitar work !”

Beyond The Oblivion

“Set To Annihilate, Wicked!!! Horns\m/up”

Badlands Badass

“This is thrash with a touch of Death and Fear Factory I'd love to catch a gig”

Eating Fear

“Brutal Thundering sonic Bliss Very cool! looking forward to hearing more!”

Mo Rage