Dethlehem / Press

“Dethlehem, the city's premier medieval metal band, doesn't just change singers. It's far more elaborate than that. Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/12047/1210455-388.stm#ixzz1mX8Q2WMN”

“This local band tells medieval fantasy tales of dragons and wooing maidens with their sarcastic, heavy metal songs delivered with humorous stage theatrics.”

“Dethlehem was formed in 2008 as a gag to play for a Halloween party, the drummer said. Coincidentally, all of its members' pre-existing bands broke up around the same time and they were able to further invest in the band. ”

“Dudes who dress up in knight outfits and roll 20-sided dice and have songs with titles like "Valley of the Blades" and "Hypergates of Infinitude"? Sign us up.”

“Dethlehem, a Pittsburgh metal band that dress like medieval knights and has its own mythology to go with it...”