“This is how I practice guitar; with alot of beer. It worked for Eddie Van Halen.”

Jeff Philips - DethDefy

“I'm a regular guy; what have I said that's quotable?”

Ian MacKenzie - DethDefy

“Dethdefy - Floyd's Music Store Of Tallahassee - 19 September If using baseball terminology, grOund and Kill Clouseau respectively threw inside fastballs of 95 and 97 m.p.h. for the first two strikes of the evening. All DETHDEFY did was throw a 100 m.p.h. heater down the middle of the fricking plate for strike 3! If this example sucks, it is because I had been involved with soccer for the past 32 seasons - lol. More at http://www.myspace.com/johnoldtimerockandroll/blog”

“Real men love Cheez-its.”

Jeremy Taylor - DethDefy

“DETHDEFY - Of the estimated 25 - 30+ "underground" and unsigned bands existing within and around the Tallahassee area, Dethdefy remains secure in their being amongst the top five. Words cannot accurately describe their unique style of music that embodies the strength and influences taken from Iron Maiden and numerous CLASSIC metal bands that gave birth to what is called the generation of rock that exists today. Thankfully, Dethdefy has failed to conform and continues to proceed with their own style of heavy metal music - without the flash - that draws true rock fans to their shows. Formed in 2007, the band continues to ascend the rankings of the "underground" rock scene. Plus, Jeff likes gyros - lmao. Their EP entitled "Defiant To The End" is a collectible item as well as becoming scarce within their inventory. Get it quickly.”

“If these guys weren't competitors, we would definitely have them escorted off the property.”

Special Olympics Security Staff

“DETHDEFY - This talented and powerful tandem of Ian, Jeff, Jeremy and Tony proved without any doubt why they were worthy of being the "Xposed Artist of the Week". With a progressive rock and metal mix, the band is an obvious fan favorite throughout the Tallahassee area. The band clearly showed rockers an ever changing set mixed with new songs as they prepare for a forthcoming album. Sales of their limited edition rare EP and t-shirt were heavy in support of this band. Their fan base continues to grow in large proportions and shall even further with a forthcoming "worldwide" tour upon Ian hitting the lottery. Just kidding. Nonetheless, they shall easily obtain a larger fan base performing in locations outside of Tallahassee. I have yet to be disappointed by any set these guys have performed. They give 100% and leave their mark upon those gathered.”

"What a fricken disaster!! The damn cat is in heat again! Happy now?"

Your mom