“DESTROY SHE SAID’s debut album Down To Dirty erupts from your speakers with molten riffs, supercharged attitude and a quintessential Australiana that is – like the best of us – as in-your-face confronting as it is endearing... What puts Down To Dirty ahead of the pack is the sheer originality of the band. Yeah there’s an Aussie pub rock sound going on at its core – but what you can hear is all DESTROY SHE SAID: a unique blend of different influences and tastes, a unique sound made by five guys melding into something greater than the sum of their parts. Destroy She Said fucken rock, man. Fire up your own turbocharged, fuel injected Interceptor and go pick your copy of Down To Dirty up right now.”

“Destroy She Said have expanded their sound on this album and made it more listenable, sonically, and more interesting musically. And all without losing their balls. ‘Down to Dirty’ is a modern Aussie rock classic.”

“Destroy She Said have delivered one of the loudest, most balls out rock releases of the last decade. "Down to Dirty" is a modern pub rock masterpiece.”

“I’m not too lazy to search for potential hard rock inspirations for this Melbourne-dwelling mob, I just don’t think you need to go any deeper than AC/DC to get to the essence of the DSS experience. It’s balls deep, Saturday night beer brawl rock that sounds like Bon Scott leading a biker gang into the mouth of hell. Sorted. ”

“This is muthaf****n’ rock’n'roll! 2 guitars, a bass, some dude hitting things up the back and a bald guy named Simon McCullough wailing his lungs out up front. It’s stripped back, raw, meat and potatoes stuff and it sounds shit hot. McCullough has been blessed by the rock gods with the kind of vocal tone you can only hear when an angry bear decides to take on a pack of hyenas in the middle of a BHP steelworks (don’t think it doesn’t happen). He’s joined here by a band that’s tighter than the nuts on your limited slip diff.”

“Music For Muscle Cars: Kicking off proceedings with “Drivin' Machine”, this is a four track EP that begs to be chucked on in the car and for speed limits to become ‘interpretive’ for the driver listening. It's a great listen from a band that have made a formidable local name for themselves, playing sold out shows at Cherry Bar and supporting the likes of Electric Mary. This second EP release from the band sees them further getting their sound down and is a solid step towards the future.”

“Yes, this is proudly, unashamedly bogan rock - and I'm loving every second of it. It’s a four track EP from this Melbourne based five-piece, and from the cover which depicts one of the vehicles described in the title smoking up its tyres severely, to the singer’s voice which is clearly heavily Bon Scott influenced, this isn’t just music for muscle cars, it’s also music for flannel and denim-clad blokes in outer suburbs pubs to howl and thrust their VBs to the sky proudly to.”

“Pub rock is a loosely used term and thrown around all too often, included by myself. Destroy She Said are what it’s really all about: plenty of hard rock with more guts than a slaughterhouse (with some metal thrown in). Their new EP, Music For Muscle Cars, has everything you need to keep you rockin the whole way through. There’s hell raising riffs, pounding rhythms and vocals that have been pulled across a cheese grater that’d have Bon Scott down the front raising his glass! Music For Muscle Cars is a perfect example of why EP’s work. Every track packs an Ali punch and keeps it rollin on to the next.”

"...These guys aren’t just another blatant AC/DC rip-off. Rather, they draw influence from bands such as them and others (Rose Tattoo, The Angels) and attempt to do something all their own with the style. Indeed, their sound is a touch gnarlier and nastier than those bands. Plus they inject a little stoner-esque dredge into their sound at times, especially on Squirter and Game Over. This EP is a very solid effort. These guys definitely know exactly what they’re doing, and will probably do it even better as time goes on. Fans of loud, proud, sweaty, dirty Aussie pub rock need to avail themselves of this EP now."

“Squirter (don’t google that if yer under 18!), is the quantum leap on the EP. On the debut EP a song called “You Love Things” was the stand out, on here it’s Squirter without a doubt. This has it all, it drips sleaze (like squirter’s….), scorching guitar solos, and an irresistible rhythm thats certain to make it a classic DSS song. The EP finishes off with Game Over, the most accessible song so far. It too has a monster pounding riff. For my money it also has the best vocal performance of any previous DSS song. Simon Mccullough’s vocal here tells of smoky bars and reeks of a world weary rocker style voice, not a million miles away from Nazareths Dan McCafferty at his peak. In short, this is a progression from the debut EP, a further flexing of musical muscle. I can’t help but think these guys are on track, they may still be “kicking shit around” among themselves looking for that definitive DSS sound, Music For Muscle cars is a solid step in the right direction.”

“The sophomore E.P from Melbourne’s Destroy She Said is an absolute cracker. Music for Muscle Cars definitely smacks of very masculine, testosterone soaked pub rock greatness from the opening riff of first track “Drivin’ Machine”. The vocals from Simon McCullough have clearly been influenced by the likes of Bon Scott and Angry Anderson, but definitely not in any copycat way. The thunderous riffs and leads provided by Youngy and Dave Walker will have you banging your head vigorously, and the rhythm section of Scampers on Bass and Greg Aldridge on drums is extremely tight. Lyrically the band keeps things very simple. The aforementioned “Drivin’ Machine” on first listen, appears to be about muscle cars, but if you listen to the lyrics I’m sure you will hear the real story. Second track “Fanta Pants” is about the love of red heads, “Squirter” probably needs no explanation and the first single “Game Over” is an arse kicking anthem. ”

“Big, fat, chunky, pounding riffs, screaming solos, sharp as a razorblade vocals and a style of rock that upkeeps the tradition of the true Aussie pub rock pioneers such as Rose Tattoo, The Angels and AC/DC. That in a nutshell is the style of rock that Destroy She Said hit us with on Music For Muscle Cars. Throughout this, their 2nd EP, the band delivers a huge, live and raw sound. First single Game Over pretty much slams your senses with it’s bludgeoning guitar riff and nestled at the end of the EP, it’s almost as if it is intended to be that final knockout blow, that’s if you survived the opening assault of Drivin’ Machine? There’s a hint of the likes of Monster Magnet (minus the psychadelica) with the bands monstrous stomping riffs and tongue in cheek tracks like Fanta Pants and Squirter, well they brought me back to the Bon Scott era of story telling ala The Jack! ”

“Over all, DSS are holding tight to the Pub Rock genre, but they are adding their own unique flavor to it. Songs like “You Love Things” show a band with considerable muscle. This debut EP shows a band thats telling the world, “Here we are, this is what we do”, BUT…..we are no one trick pony. The monster riffs and scorching solos have bottomless potential. Pigeonholing this band at this stage would be a big mistake, they have the potential to do great things.”

“There are sinister guitar licks that sound like they're out to getcha...”