Destroy Nate Allen / Press

"Catchy sing-a-along punk tunes that tear through acoustic guitar strings like lumberjacks tearing down a forest."

““You guys lived up to everything we'd heard! .... A Punk Rock I Love Lucy””

Andrew Jackson Jihad

"It was lyrical. It was phyisical. It was in your face, The did what they had to do AND IT WAS GOOD!'

Strickly Beats (The Moldy Peaches)

"If these songs of life and love don’t make you smile, you’re probably missing the point."

“Nate Allen is a guy that can pick up a guitar or banjo and write a catchy tune quicker than the time it takes to make a nice cuppa...If you took Langhorne Slim, got him to sing with Chuck Ragan, and Dustin Apodaca, stripped it down to a guitar or banjo then this could well be what you’d get. It’s a cracking good musical offering! ”

"I’ll admit, I’m not much of a folk punk fan. That said, Portlanders Destroy Nate Allen totally charmed me."

"You will find a treasure trove of enjoyable ditties that will tug at your inner child's sense of fun.

Cross Rhythms (UK)

"Allen spun and karate kicked in a one-man mosh pit, and was completely drenched in sweat by the end of the set."

“Fun songs, easy singalongs, clever lyrics and a DIY spirit few can duplicate. It was Nate, his guitar, his wife and the both of them singing to one another, with a huddled in crowd, no microphones and a room full of smiles.”

““Destroy Nate Allen of Portland, Oregon, was especially interactive with the audience. Their set ended with a large part of the crowd circling band member, Nate Allen, and having an intimate sing-a-long. Eventually Allen exited the circle and watched as the crowd sang only for one another.””

“The only way to describe them is what a friend said, ‘you are forced to either join in and have fun, or leave and look like you think you are too cool’. They are a fun couple who sing quirky songs about love, cooking, and punk rock with some acoustic guitar, banjo and tamborine.”

"At first I didn’t want to sing along, but the man playing the guitar called me out, so I had no choice. After I started to sing I saw my friends start to sing with me. I felt that if you were there, no matter what, you were having a good time now, because they wouldn’t let you not enjoy yourself.