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You've heard the phrase "Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll" however when it comes to Desperate For Mic, there's definitely no sex, no drugs, hell theres not even any caffeine, there is however generic orange soda, there isn't any rock but there is some roll, as in around his stomach. Desperate For Mic is led by singer/song writer Bradley James Templin or by his more affectionate stage name International BT.

Desperate For Mic brings a cutting edge sense of humor executed with wit and verve (and songwriting panache), Desperate for Mic offers audiences smart, sharp music and plenty of laughs.

Brought to Life

Music presents an aural picture. It's this bringing-to-life aspect of music that stands out for Desperate for Mic. "When I listen to music, I feel like I'm listening to a painting that has been brought to life but into auditory form. The more abstract or different it is, the more interest I have in it." Which brings us to another important aspect of music as far as Desperate for Mic is concerned – originality. This artist imbues its songwriting with distinctiveness, giving the listener something unique with which to fill the ears.

Music First

The music itself comes first when Desperate for Mic is composing a song. "First comes music, then comes lyrics, then comes song in the baby carriage." If the music doesn't grab the listener then the rest will fall by the wayside. "The music must be palatable to the ear; if you don't have something that piques interest from there, it doesn't matter." Fortunately, Desperate for Mic writes and performs accomplished music that is top level from one end to the other.


Normality the birth mother of greatness? Who'd have thought it? It's the mundane aspects of life from whence spring the hilarity and clever songwriting of Desperate for Mic. "The things that inspire me the most are the complete and utter normality, boredom and insouciant day-to-day interactions I am forced to deal with on a regular basis." The banality of life is a rich source of inspiration for the keen eye of an artist like Desperate for Mic.

The Artist at Work

Desperate for Mic is hitting venues in the Wisconsin era and is ready to take on the world. Desperate for Mic also offers up DJ skills. Songwriting is always a flurry and Desperate for Mic has a plethora of songs on tap. "They range from songs about killing hobos to songs about how fun it is to make a diorama. Juxtaposition is essential in the Desperate for Mic writing process." Forthcoming is the Desperate for Mic 5th Grade Demo release!

It could be worse right? No? Really? Hmmm, atleast my mom loves me.

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