“Local support Desolation Remains start off the night with the help of fill in bassist, and Acts Of Sorrow guitarist, Calum Glover. The band did a great job of opening the night, their thrash-tinged melodic metal laying into the ample Zanzibar crowd with a brutal combination of pounding drum beats, rumbling growls and harmonic guitars. Vocalist Dunn is unrelenting, urging the crowd to “bang your f*cking heads”.”

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“5 piece Desolation Remains swiftly pick up where Acts Of Sorrow left off with their powerful brand of technical yet brutal speed metal. Galloping riffs back up complex polyrhythms, keeping the action fast and furious. By the opening notes of their second song, a furious circle pit had already opened up, directed by the commanding presence of vocalist Dunn, who urges the crowd on. By the end of their set, you could see the steam rising from the pileup of tangled bodies on the opposite side of the barrier. Unfortunately, their set was cut short due to time restraints, but the crowd seemed to love it, nonetheless”


““Brutality” does exactly what it says on the tin and makes me want to throw myself (or other people) around the room. I love the sheer heaviness of this track,”

““Firefight” – a track which, when played at a loud volume, could have been designed to make your ears bleed.”

“If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Desolation Remains yet, then I strongly suggest that you remedy that straight away”

“the awesome desolation remains a band not to miss”

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“................NAPALM DEATH support gig............. this is gonna be awesome.”