Desillusion / Press

“Desillusion is a prime group and absolutely deserves full-blown deluxe treatment. Westin Halvorson's an intelligent and viscera-churning composer and musician; short-timing his talents like this is on the order of criminal.”

“There is not a weak track to be held during the "Blashpaestetic" E.P and the honest energy that the band brings to each song insures that it will be in my player for months to come.”

“A fantaistic debut for Desillusion, and one that see's them gathering bigger crowds to their live shows.”

“These 3 artists have the amped-up energy, power and force to make a big impact on the music world.”

“Desillusion is a band that could potentially make waves in the industrial rock scene in the forseeable future.”

“It is rare to find an electronic band that sounds good both on CD and live. Desillusion is a blend of rocktronic/industrial/metal. Their influences have overtones of Nine Inch Nails,Stabbing Westward and early Marilyn Manson.”