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“for more PRESS on Desert Dragon beginning Jan 2014 see band's website at: http://desertdragonofficial.com/press-archive”

“Desert Dragon makes local newspaper Valley Scene Magazine print edition 1/17/14 on stands”

“http://fw.to/I2xwrqh Desert Dragon made the LA Times this week about our upcoming show for BOC!”

“Desert Dragon To Rock The Canyon Club With Blue Oyster Cult‏ RSSS RJ Frometa on 10 January, 2014 at 20:53 See article at: http://ventsmagazine.com/desert-dragon-rock-canyon-club-blue-oyster-cult%E2%80%8F/#sthash.EErls7gQ.dpuf”

“Desert Dragon to Rock the Canyon Club with Blue Oyster Cult Music News Los Angeles Magazine front page mention– 01/12/14”

“ROCKWiRED RADiO PROFiLES PRESENTS AN EXCLUSiVE iNTERViEW WiTH GREG PATNODE OF DESERT DRAGON AND CUTS FROM THEiR E.P. DESOLATiON !!! (1/11/14) http://www.rockwired.com/rockwiredprofiles447.html or visit https://www.facebook.com/DesertDragonMusic”

“DESERT DRAGON TO ROCK THE CANYON CLUB IN AGOURA HILLS WITH ICONIC ROCKERS BLUE OYSTER CULT/FRIDAY, JANUARY 24 (Agoura Hills, CA) - Desert Dragon perform before approximately one thousand of their fans and friends when the Los Angeles-based band opens for iconic rockers Blue Oyster Cult at The Canyon Club on Friday, January 24. 8 p.m. Tickets $48.00 (general admission). 28912 Roadside Drive, Agoura Hills. Info: (818) 879-5016 or http://www.canyonclub.net. Desert Dragon - whose unique sound is best described as a blues/hard rock/psychedelia hybrid - consists of vocalist Ross Petrarca; guitarists Greg Patnode and Thiago Straioto; bassist Rick Brandt; keyboardist Daniele De Cario; and drummer Nick Mason. The band's most recent EP Desolation was released in 2012 and produced two singles that charted on Billboard, "Darkness Shines" and "Miles Away" (the latter is currently on heavy rotation on the Kong Monster Rock/Radio Domination Streaming (Network.http://maximumthreshold.blog”

“Tonight on BuddhaMan's International Experience we have a great show to start our 5th year of broadcasting the show. At 7:00pm Desert Dragon Band will be here to perform live. These guys are opening up for Blue Oyster Cult at The Canyon club this month. Then at 8:00pm we have Blues Guitarist Solomon King coming in with another great musician Johann Frank. Live performances in studio as well! Plus all the great music you expect from KONG MonsterRock.net part of a network of radio stations RDSN - Radio Domination Streaming Network Simulcast on The X KXRX Xtreme Rock Radio & KNRN FM Radio All starting at 6:00pm Pacific! see for more info http://desertdragonofficial.com/archives-continued”

“Desert Dragon Band will be the Artist Spotlight on American Veterans Radio the week of February 23-March 2, 2014 American Veterans Radio www.avradio.org Welcome to our Cause which is to bring a small piece of home to our Military Veterans and First Responders wherever they may be Worldwide.”

“Artist Feature: Desert Dragon to tour with Blue Oyster Cult January 2014 Lindsey Borders Atlanta Indie Music Examiner (November 19, 2013) Desert Dragon will open up for Blue Oyster Cult in January 2014 Rock band, Desert Dragon, have been having a great and busy year for 2013. Not only are they award-winning, but they have also seen two of their singles, "Darkness Shines" and "Miles Away," chart the Billboard charts, and are featured on their newest album, Desolation. The album was produced by well-known Ron Nevison, whose work is credited with Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Heart, Lynyrd Skynrd, among numerous others. Originally the band started out as Blues, but their focus has been progressing towards Hard Rock and Experimental. With the band's new direction, they have also released several singles displaying .... see link for full article at: http://www.examiner.com/article/artist-feature-desert-dragon-to-tour-with-blue-oyster-cult-january-2014”

“Desert Dragon feature in Ovaground Mogul Magazine Sep/Oct13 issue. http://issuu.com/ovagroundmogul/docs/sept-oct”

“Desert Dragon hits Billboard again 7/11/13 with their 2nd release from their EP DESOLATION –Billboard Congrats as Desert Dragon has done it again! Miles Away the 2nd single from their EP DESOLATION hit Billboard week 7/11/13. Miles Away was written by Greg Patnode (guitar player for Desert Dragon) and Produced by Ron Nevison. Notably the first single released from the EP DESOLATION, Darkness Shines also landed on Billboard weeks 2/07/13, 2/14/13, 2/21/13 and 2/28/13. See Billboard Top 40 Chart page 6 week 7/11/13 or the band's website http://desertdragonofficial.com/press-archive for chart. http://www1.billboard.biz/bbbiz/photos/pdf/2013/TFMmw0711.pdf”

“Desert Dragon is on KSSR radio show 5/27/13 –KSSR New Mexico NM Interview by Treshunna Gonzales of KSSR radio show, Talk of the Town (Santa Rosa NM) with Desert Dragon members, Greg Patnode (guitar & song writer), Ross Petrarca (lead vocals), and Thiago Straioto (guitar) discussing the single on FM radio now, Miles Away, and upcoming plans for the Desert Dragon band May 27, 2013. go to url or the band's news page at http://desertdragonofficial.com/press-archive and listen for yourself!”

"Darkness Shines" Desert Dragon's first single off their new EP DESOLATION hits Billboard 2/28/13 a 4th week! –Billboard Desert Dragon hits Billboard a 4th week 2/28/13 with their first release off their new EP DESOLATION, single DARKNESS SHINES. The psychedelia/rock song was written by Desert Dragon guitarist Greg Patnode and produced by Ron Nevison. The Desert Dragon guitarist also wrote the Award-winning song, SAVE MY WORLD. http://desertdragonofficial.com/press-archive for chart or url www1.billboard.biz/bbbiz/photos/pdf/2013/TFMm0228.pdf

“(partial press release 1of2 3-12-13) Desert Dragon’s single “Darkness Shines” moves up to #36 on Billboard & the band comments –Desert Dragon Los Angeles, CA (Mar 12, 2013)—The Award-winning Los Angeles based band, Desert Dragon, is back with its hit single Darkness Shines from their newest EP DESOLATION moving up to #36 on Billboard. The hardrock, blues and psychedelia song produced by the legendary Ron Nevison (Producer/Engineer for Led Zeppelin, The Faces, Bad Company, The Who, et al) is the first song released from the band’s EP and per guitarist and songwriter, Greg Patnode, It is where classic meets contemporary with hardrock, blues, psychedelia all combined for a great sound. The overwheming response to the song on radio has been a surprise to the band, beginning with the release of the EP to college radio stations across the US and Canada in July 2012 and then to Top40/HAC radio formats in October 2012 where it just recently landed on Billboard Top40”

“2of2 The band is racking up fans across all genres as their music is such that Hard Rock (Metallica, Nickleback, Guns and Roses), Classic Rock (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi), Pop/Top40 (Adele, Taylor Swift, Rhianna, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars), Country/Blues (Jason Aldean, Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan, The Band Perry, Eric Church and Blake Shelton) fans are also fans of Desert Dragon just to name a few. “Its a surprise to us that this EP was played on college radio stations across the US and Canada let alone charted”, says the guitarist, Greg Patnode “Thank god for all fans all ages because in the beginning it wasn’t so rosy but you have to keep believing in your music and keep going no matter who or what tries to deter you or tell you no!”. And to confirm this belief the band’s earth-conscience song “Save My World” from their debut DESERT DRAGON won “Best Rock Song” at the 2011 MMA's on 9/24/11. http://www1.billboard.biz/bbbiz/photos/pdf”

“Desert Dragon's "Darkness Shines" moves to #39 on Billboard week 2/14/13 –Billboard Congrats as the first release from Desert Dragon, single Darkness Shines, from its newest EP DESOLATION moves up to #39 on Billboard Top 40 Chart 2/14/13. http://desertdragonofficial.com/archives-continued-2. See link page 6 for chart url http://www1.billboard.biz/bbbiz/photos/pdf/2013/TFMmw0214.pdf”

“Desert Dragon's first release "Darkness Shines" from their EP "Desolation" produced by Ron Nevison lands on Billboard 2013. See page 6 for chart. http://www1.billboard.biz/bbbiz/photos/pdf/2013/TFMm0702.pdf”

"Darkness Shines released to FM Top40/HAC radio statons" –Desert Dragon Los Angeles, CA (October 3, 2012)--Desert Dragon has released its first single, Darkness Shines, from its new EP DESOLATION as being played on a string of select FM radio stations lead by Howard Rosen Promotions. The EP was recently mixed by Mike Boden and Ari Rios with the legendary Ron Nevison at the helm as Producer (Producer /Engineer for The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, The Faces, Heart and many other well known bands). The EP charted on college stations recently released on Jul 26 2012. The DESOLATION EP is a mixture of Hard Rock, Blues and Psychedelia while its debut album DESERT DRAGON is a mixture of Hard Rock, Blues, Alt Country and Middle Eastern genres. For more info see website at www.desertdragon.info. 10/03/12

Desert Dragon - PRESS RELEASE

“Desert Dragon DESOLATION EP New Music Review (October 2012) –Music Connection Magazine "Six-piece band Desert Dragon aim for a classic-meets-contemporary sound. The guitar and synth work is certainly spot-on, lending vintage Moog tones and Floydian flights of pop-psych....There is certainly competence from every member of this group, and acclaimed producer Ron Nevison adds interesting touches." Music Connection Magazine (Oct 2012)”

“Congrats as Desert Dragon's EP "Desolation" has charted on new college station this week! WXIN 90.7 FM Providence, RI See EPK AT http://rp.sonicbids.com/band/desertdragon/press/ for full chart.”

WXIN 90.7 FM Providence, RI College Radio - WXIN 90.7 FM Providence, RI

“Congrats as Desert Dragon's new EP "Desolation" has charted #28 this week on college chart WLFR 91.7 FMbelow in week 2 of airplay. Congrats you charted this week the chart WLFR 91.7 FM Galloway, NJ”

WLFR 91.7 FM Galloway, NJ College Radio - WLFR 91.7 FM Galloway, NJ

“Desert Dragon will be in the studio w/legedary Producer Ron Nevison (Producer/Engineer for The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, UFO, Lynyrd Skynyrd, MSG, Faces, Heart, Ozzy Osbourne, et al.) laying tracks for new songs.”

Desert Dragon - PRESS RELEASE

"Save My World" has won in the "Best Rock Song" Category (song written by Greg Patnode) at the 2011 Malibu Music Award Show that was held on Sat., Sept 24, 2011 in Malibu, CA.

Desert Dragon - PRESS RELEASE

“2011 Malibu Music Awards nominates "Save My World" in Best Rock Song category 9/02/11 –2011 Malibu Music Awards Response: Thanks for the submission. You are among our top group of finalists for your song "Save My World". Our judges are reviewing submissions and we will let you know as soon as possible. We appreciate you and your music and look forward to seeing you at our Malibu Music Awards Show on Sat. Sept. 24th. at 7:30 PM. Sincerely, Terence Davis Malibu Music Awards 9/02/11. Tickets can be purchased at: www.MalibuMusicAwards.com”

“DESERT DRAGON has officially been selected as the opening act for rock/grunge band AMBER REIGNS (signed to Voodoo Records from Toronto, Canada) on their USA tour in Los Angeles at Club Trip, Wed., 7/06/11.”

Desert Dragon - PRESS RELEASE

“Desrt Dragon's song "Desert Horizon" has been picked to be featured on the DJ Jimmy Yell Show on PyleTown, Rock Internet Radio (May-Aug11).”

“Desrt Dragon's song(s) "Take it Easy Now" & " Texas Border" both received a congratulations at placing as TOP runner-ups from Gary Allen (drummer for Charlie Daniels Band)'s contest, "Best New Song" (with JJ Cale). "The results are in and as I like to say my competition is stiff. I have Pointer Sisters, Doobie Brothers and Rolling Stones in my song contest. The Music City Beat will list all runners up & will be featured in my newsletter, at Tennessee Concerts and on my first brand new Official Website debuting in days."”

“Desert Dragon's song "Save my World" was chosen to participate in the 2011 Earthday Song Contest to bring awareness to the World around us, "Earth Day: Music for the Earth". While the song wasn't in the top 10 downloads we wre honored that it was picked to be in the contest. June 2011”

In partnership with Arts for the Earth - Earth Day: Music for the Earth

“Desert Dragon placed "Runner-Up" in March 2011 music contest sponsored by College News Magazine. EAR CANDY College News magazine music contest runners-up We announce the runners-up for our March 2011 magazine cycle (College News Editorial Staff) A huge thanks goes out from all of us, and we encourage you to submit your musical material in our next cycle. Here’s a list of this cycle’s runners-up: (partial list only) The Musettes NOT THEM Druid Roots Chelsea Automatic The Cool and Deadly Nicky B. Le Grand Aerials Up The Penguin Revolution The Command Sisters Thomas Becker Desert Dragon Chip Greene Somerville Symphony Orkestar P-Jay ... Thanks again to all the contestants and good luck with all of your future endeavors.”