Deseo Carmin / Press

“One the great local bands...Spanish music with an edge...I like it! funk heavy sound, makes you want to dance :)”

“Deseo Carmin is one of my favorite examples of the diversity of Seattle’s Latin music and dance scene...One Friday evening I visited All Nations Soccer Bar and Restaurant, a rather unique Latin club I had recently discovered. There was a free Salsa class taught by a Brazilian Samba dancer. There was also a live band that played a mixture of Flamenco and Funk - Deseo Carmin. The mixture of Salsa with Brazilian culture was exciting enough, but Deseo Carmin was the icing on the cake - or the real salsa, to use another analogy. ”

“Deseo Carmin can’t really be described as “traditional” Latin music. While the roots are definitely based in Flamenco guitar, the presentation is wholly unique. “Latin Flamenco Funk” is an apt description, but to get a true interpretation of their sound, you will just have to come see for yourself.”