Desecrator / Press

“Riley Stong cutting an imposing figure standing front and centre”

“Goddamn, these guys were so good....Fast paced, incredible tight drumming, very catchy riffs with some really cool solos, soaring vocals and a mad bassist!”

“I’m just going to say it right now. These guys can’t put on a bad show. Just as great as the night before when I saw them open for Havok, these guys just don’t let up”

“Make no mistake, Desecrator are probably Australia’s premiere thrash metal band at the minute with incredibly tight and powerful live shows”

“With these guys behind him, (Riley) Strong is Dr Frankenstein, effectively screaming at us ‘It’s alive!’ with each of Scottie Anning’s divebombs”

“Tight and frenetic; traditional thrash at its very best”

“Melbourne’s Desecrator are one of the better thrash bands to have come out of Australia in recent years”

“I can say with absolute confidence that Down To Hell.... is hands-down the best (EP) I’ve heard in quite some time”

“exploded onto the stage with an absolute bang, shredding up a storm!”

"Live Til Death": they have managed to create a true thrash metal album that fully captures the best of this genre

“Nice, crunchy, heavy riffs get your head bouncing along”

“sheer thrashing joy all the way through”

"Live Til Death": Raw, heavy and uncompromising Thrash Metal without any frustrating gimmicks - and I love it

“I was blown away by just how good they sounded and the intensity the fans threw back at the band”

“one of the most bone-crushing thrash metal bands to come out of Australia today”

“the energy of the band spills out uncontrollably”

“this is a must have for any thrash lover or any extreme metal addict of any metal style for that matter”