“One of the charms of "true" metal bands like this is that they truly try. They try to be technical masters of their instruments; try to put on a spectacle of a show; and try to have a bloody good time while so doing (faux-indifferent indie bands take note).”

"this is a band that can make it"

““Desecrate is a band that is pushing the boundaries of musicianship, songwriting, and stage performance.” ”

Rock City Magazine

““Desecrate is a reminder that metal music is alive and well. This band knows how to rock and loves to deliver the goods.” ”

““Desecrate’s impressive line-up lends itself to the unique blend of old-school thrash with the melodic sensibility of progressive music. Chase Becker’s tasteful and complex phrasing on the guitar makes them a powerful force.””

Chris Broderick (Guitarist for Megadeth)

“''Mental Massacre'' - a five song output, I'd like to kneel and bow my head for definitely!”