Descendants of Erdrick / Press

“An RPG/Adventure tribute band, with a slant more towards prog rock. Works INCREDIBLY WELL.”

“I was completely floored by their incredibly tight performance. This band rocked HARD.”

“The Descendants have picked a cover project that exhibits their musicianship with universally recognizable songs that still present a very high degree of difficulty. They've recognized a niche existing in Austin that they can fill -- despite being a cluster for gaming and tech industry, the Live Music Capital lacked a proper video game tribute band before now.”

“With Austin’s status as the live music capital of the world with a large video game development community it’s a wonder a band like this hasn’t popped up before. What a great opportunity for this talented group.”

“A small group in Texas, which was launched in the recreation of major themes of NES/SNES games, is a delight to ears. The result is very well done and goes beyond just simple instrumental covers. (translated)”