Descendants of Chaos / Press

“ "'Clear' is a mix of melancholy and anger – key words in the whole album – both lyrically and musically. With clean and rough passages, it’s the contrast that’s appealing. 'Wake Up' is similar, but the riffs are more aggressive and the melody is rawer, while 'My Own Mind', on the other hand, is softer, groovier. 'Remember The Scar' is by far the heaviest track, and it’s not just the screams and background growls that make it so. It just is."”

“Today's review is Descendants Of Chaos, a 5 piece Groove Metal band hailing from Concord, NC. The band features Trip on vocals, and his vocal skills are honed to near perfection. He is one of the few metal vocalist that incorporates scream, guttural and clean vocals into repertoire without sounding muddy. The dual guitar rampage is lead by Sic and Solice. These two have a sound that is as polished as some of the guitar duos of the past. Bassist Ole Hel has a distinct sound that sets the tone, not just following the guitar as so many groove bass players do. Drummer (Justin) plays as brutal as an axe wielding maniac in the woods chasing a virgin girl. Their album Demolition features 8 original songs that are as polished as any band on a major label. The personal thank you note that is included is proof that D.O.C. appreciate their fans and that has became unusual among most bands today.”

Walter Tyler - Extreme Metal of the Carolinas

“You know, it's really an honor for me to promote bands like that....Really, I find it difficult to find bands who have at least a little something unique, but I found it here in Descendants of Chaos.”

“You guys fuckin tore it down Saturday. Seriously one of my favorite metal bands in the area. We can't wait to hook up more shows with you guys. Consider all of us in AC members of the Chaos Army.”

“Bearers of murderously heavy breakdowns, Descendants of Chaos, kicked off their set with some bone-crushing riffage from guitarists SIC and Solice, dressed up with nifty cymbal-work by drummer Justin Page. Vocalist Trip Hodge wins the prize for the night for crowd participation. He had us all screaming along with his mantra of “Save your republic!” in the politically-charged anthem, “Remember the Scar,” that challenges people to stand up against politicians’ attempts to strip us Americans of our rights. With vigor like that coursing through the veins of a bunch of metal-heads, it goes without saying that there was some serious moshing to be had with the Descendants. While pretty much everyone else was enjoying the hammering double bass drums, I was most impressed with the slower songs with great vocal harmonies—that goes to show you the kind of versatility these guys have in their metal styles.”