Dertybird / Press

“This band has been around the area a few years now, and have become a staple in southern rock circles. They put on a fantastic live show, bringing high energy stage presence to their bluesy sound...... This is a cd you need to have in your collection, pop it in and be taken back to the sounds of the Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, and other southern rock gods of the 70's and 80's. Go out to see a live show, as this is one of the better unknown bands in the Austin area.”

“This is certainly a band that knows its roots and know how to use that influence to make it sound fresh and new.”

“Their enthusiasm... is unmistakable.”

"this album captured the band's extraordinary appeal and is sonically well done. Clayton Colvin's vocals are crystal clear. His guitar and JT Holt's guitar have wonderful tone, adding soulful counterpoint to Lee Brock's bass and Jeremy Bruch's drum rhythm section."

“Dertybird subscribes to the old “be for what is” standard and it works for them. It’s great to hear the new batch of Austin blues-infused southern rock bands like Dertybird, Noble Dog, and Uncle Lucius. They prove that great music is still out there. ”