Derrtie Sanchez / Press

“I like your flow and your message. I like your music a lot, it speaks for me. it surprise's me that your not your plays arnt in the 100,000s. liberty is dead in America but if more people wake up maybe that will change. make more music supporting liberty. :-) ”

Sean O'Neill 26 - soundcloud

“Ever since we were in 8th grade together you were my favorite lyrical spitter Haha. Keep it up homie. Nothin but good shit”

B-rad M-tek - YouTube

“Wow.. I usually don't like hiphop/rap but this shit was awesome. Simply because the mother fucker is REAL and not some fake ass puppet used to destroy society. Keep it up dude. You're legit.”

Pogo8881 - YouTube

“Right on man! I like people who think for them selves.”

Dominion Sinist - YouTube

“Listen I've known Derrtie for a while if his songs were all about smoking drinking and fucking bitches n nutting on their faces these fuck tards would be riding his dick and gobbleing his nutt up....but when someone puts truth in ur faces its wrong in ur pathetic eyes...these clowns prolly watch cnn and take it in the ass like cnn tells u to.....his songs are about a message and pleading with america to wake up...stop letting the government take ur rights away which is happening slowly and surely its happening behind everyones back.....these ass clowns are goinna be the ones in the fema camps while I'm fighting to take back my country when shit goes down.....this is our country not the governments and if ur too pussy to make ur own decisions and stand up for what is urs then pussy move to russia where they have no rights. Or constitution”

Steve Ackley - Taco Bell

“wake em up sanchez!! pac aint been around in twenty years...”

Corre - GPAliens

“You poor, unfortunate souls...ignorance isn't always bliss. Its is refreshing to hear someone with an actual message. I suppose singing about big booty hoes on your birthday is better...but high five to you for your attempt to plug your business.. Music is an art form, and in my opinion. creating a song that is catchy enough to bop your head to but lyrical and informative at the same time is ART! Any idiot with a pen can write about cars, hoes, sex and weed. I've been a Derrtie Sanchez supporter for years and will continue to be because not only does he have something of actual intelligence and value to say, but he doesn't seem to feel the need to change who he is and conform to the "industry". He aint for every body...every body aint ready...But he's well aware of this, and believe me he expected the lost souls to hate.”

Jenni Marie - GPAliens