DëRoK and The RoLLeRs / Press

“hi your songs are superb, great, awsome, love to listen...all the best, keep on rocking god bless you... – mohnysh”

Mohnysh - Reverbnation

"great music loving it!!"

MrNDNMAN - Reverbnation

"...our support to you and your great music!"

second journey - Reverbnation

"Awesome stuff man... we're fans of yours..."

Martyrd - Reverbnation

"I absolutely love acoustic guitar songs...I chill with your good sounds"

soUNdz AK - Allen Kai - Reverbnation

"Great material u have here!!"

DirtySouth34 - Reverbnation

"You've got some music n style that is plain spell-binding!"

Karina - Reverbnation

"Can't wait to hear the song!!"

Aria Arvan ария - Reverbnation