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“Deretla, noted by various members of the crowd at the show as “the perfect band to play Death,” came on stage to a slightly smaller crowd than Daigoro, but an equally enthusiastic one. The previous statement, made by a fair number of people, couldn’t have been more correct, as the band played with a laser precision equal to that of Death themselves. Track by track the band went through all of Death’s albums, playing at least one track from each, notably the most popular and well known tracks, much like a Death “best of.” Selections included singles such as “The Philosopher” and “Spirit Crusher,” to fan favorites “Zombie Ritual,” “Spiritual Healing,” and classic closer “Pull the Plug” (the track which Death used to close all of its shows).”

“The band’s latest song—also about aliens—courses with a smooth breakdown into Deretla’s unique brand of space metal, then rips into a thrash riff and great beat switch-ups. The audience enthusiastically approves. On their instrumental track, titled “Instru-Metal,” Kevin kicks off and is joined in perfect harmony by Nick. Matt complements with flawlessly-timed bass fills. Another intricate solo from Kevin reveals his Malmsteen influence, and the song winds to a close.”

Jen Marshall - What's Next? A Night at the Triple Rock with Deretla

“It’s a glorious thing to witness after hearing the band describe the pathology of a song. What began as a recording of Nick’s guitar riffs and Chris’s drumming, given to each member of the band to work out his parts and solos privately, becomes a full-term gift from the stage to metal maniacs.”

Jen Marshall - What's Next? A Night at the Triple Rock with Deretla