““Heart and soul, to the tune of music” Even if you’re convinced you don’t like R&B music, listen to Derek Reese. The great thing about the album is that each element – the drums, the guitars, and the vocals – is distinct, but they meld together at all the right moments to create a cohesive sound. Each track is full of soul, though a few stand above the rest. “Come Over” gives listeners an idea of what to expect from Reese: soaring vocals, clean drumming and killer acoustic guitars. You also get a little surprise in a short but sweet electric guitar solo. “Compatible” is definitely the track where Reese’s voice shines. He’s singing about a girl, his best friend, telling him she thinks they’re incompatible, which makes him feel like “an umbrella when the wind blows it inside out.” The lyrics, vocals, and instrumentals work well to convey the heart he puts in his artistry.”