Derek Evry / Press

“Derek Evry’s album, “Here’s to Better Misery,” is full of the kind of energy that only rock-and-roll can provide. The record begins with high intensity and doesn’t let up: no ballads, no fabricated production techniques that might slow the vibe. It’s all guitars, bass and drums… The album is a great rock-and-roll romp. But maybe even more impressive is the real and organic feeling of the collection. It seems that Evry didn’t overthink anything, instead going with what he felt at the moment. And that was good-old fashioned loud rock-and-roll.”

“Not so much an earworm as a mind blower, ponderous visions of heartache, heartbreak and the angst-ridden emotional spaces therein dominate [Derek Evry's] latest album… Fans of Weezer will enjoy Evry’s Rivers Cuomo-esque vocal over a lush bed of churning and steady alt-pop tinged guitars and drums, proof that great music is a timeless sound.”

"A few moments into his latest effort [SONGS] I found myself bobbing my head and looking forward to his next clever turn of a phrase... Evry’s inviting tenor provides the glue for many of these songs which, thanks to technology, sound bigger than their origins."

“There's a song that, I would say, is one of the catchiest songs we've featured this past summer here on Local Lix on DC101. [About "Donor Body Parts"]”

"Derek is the first guy since, maybe Matthew Sweet, to fuse melody and "edge", without compromising either. His songs are instantly singable, yet utterly original...not many artists are both commercial and credible, Derek is one of the few."

Kyle Osborne - Wjla-tv and NewsChannel 8 - "Don't Think..." Press Release