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“Great vibe on Rain. Mood Dance is quietly empowering ... love your tunes. I'll definitely be back for more!!”

“Love your music! Moon Dance is my fave! Best, ~Sere”

“Great music, Derek!:))) Stay unique as you are and sincere in what you do! Cheers!:)))”

“thank´s for the good vibes... One love from Chile”

“Greats tunes!”


“very cool, eclectic and punchy vibes here Derek..loving that chilled, spacious dub of "electric skies" and the Morricone "western" guitar lick on "rain"...tasty grooves!!”

“Great vibe on Rain. Mood Dance is quietly empowering ... love your tunes. I'll definitely be back for more!!”

“great tunes, 'these boots' is so cool! x”

The Kathryn Wheel - reverbnation

“Just two words - Beautiful and Intelligent. and Thank you MasterB.”

JVI - reverbnation

"blue moon" love it much.

AJ - reverbnation

“You Are A Brilliant Musician..Much Respect..”

Audiosapian - reverbnation

“Excellent music good vibes. Stay Blessed! Best Regards! Sean!”

Enoch. Arcane - Reverbnation

“Listening to Stop Thinking. Steady beat. Nice keyboards. Best wishes.”

Magnificat Sonnets - Reverbnation

“Excellent work here.....Happy Holidays....Wishing you all the best in 2012!!! ”

Yolanda Foxx - Reverbnation

“incredible !”

ABOI DOYLE - Reverbnation

“Real cool music in here. Superb!”

Anchorage Alaska - Reverbnation

“Nice tracks, They got me laid back and loungin'”

Rico - reverbnation

“Stopping by for another listen, hope you are doing well, Kind Regards, Banana Dubcat”

Banana Dubcat - Reverbnation

“Hot page right here!!”

Antoine Saint Pierre - Reverbnation

“Ohhh very interesting..”

Amadeus - Reverbnation

“Fabulous rich, layered tapestries of highly danceable melodies... I will refrain from too much silliness. ;) Listen and enjoy! I did.”

Blue Phoenix Radio - Reverbnation

“Stop Thinking. Ironic. Catchy and just plain smart! Anytime you want a songbird, please keep me in mind. All my best. Phoenix. Blue Phoenix Radio”

Blue Phoenix Radio - Reverbnation

“Hey whats going on bro! I was just on yo page listening to yo music man you def got yo own style of swagg going ii see youu. I was listening to a few of yo tracks and instantly became a fan showin da love man!”

ROBO aka I GO LOONEY TUNES! - Reverbnation

“Hi Master B, Thanks for the Add !! Really love your music. Not heard anything quite like this before, really unique & very very good. I'll certainly return for a listen again. Best wishes from England ! Cheers, Chris.”

Christopher - myspace

“Thanks for the add request. You are hugely talented. Love your work! Gros bisou, Cyn”

Cyn aka CynStorm - myspace

“cool stuff,.....thanks for friendship !! rgds from germany , Herbie”

Herbie - myspace

“moon beam beams me up. 2010 will be great!!”

mar.s-8art.de - myspace

“Wow. I heard your track named "Me" - The guitars were awesome.”

Jigar Mehta - facebook

“i like good to dance to”

Trisha McColman - myspace

“your musics great b.!”

Fee-aahh Bwaby. - myspace

“I had a listen...it's AWESOME. Possibly soul wrenching ......shall we see? I willl listen more when time allows. Thanks for the invitation. Luna”

Art By Lunakavindra - myspace

“I love all of it.”

Dawn Mansfield - myspace

“Excellent sounds.​.​.​.​insightful blog. I just wish your music would've played while I was reading your blog. Thanks for the interest in our site.”

Paranormal SPOOKS - myspace

“Thanks B.....I specially like words in your song Gimmy Some,​hahahaha.​.​.​.​.​take care.”

Ljubica Dj. - myspace

“You rock my world.”

Michelle-Lee - myspace

“Dude, sweet tunes. I ain't no gangster!”

Jeff Boyardee - myspace

“I have to say I really like the unique soulness of these tunes ... very inspiring.”

Angela Elaine Holler - myspace

“While I hear the Blues/Reggae/Hip Hop fusion he’s created, I also hear industrial undertones. Extremely unique and challenging ”

Psychoflop - myspace

“Sound is soooo very relaxing! Thanks Master B, love your style and your inner soul!”

Freebird - MySpace

“Hello Master B! Thank you for the request and for your comment.Your music is beautiful,very beautiful! Helena.”

Helena - myspace

“I just listened to a few of your tracks really very good, I can see you are very dedicated to what you do as am I. Somthing we have in common. Al”


“Hello Master B 'Konnichiwa' you are a good dub Professor. I like your music.”

takashin - myspace

“Thank you for the request. Your music is vey cool!! I like it.”

353 - myspace

“Hi! Master B. I listened to your music. It was great. Yours respectfully,”

wood'k - myspace

“THANKS. Your music is very moving and wonderful. KOSUKE”

KOSUKE - myspace

“Thank you. I saw your Website. Your music is feeling good and I can relax. You are happily making music and I am easily imaginable.”

KUSUYA - myspace

“Master B is an artist in a true meaning! ! ('- '〃)It is unique.”

A cherry tree - myspace

“Dropping by to say hello... Thank you Master B! And thanks for the invite. Awesome sound! ”

Kim Harlow - harlowart.net

“Thanks for the great music and the add! Best of luck with with your future! I'll be listening. :)”

Michelle - myspace

“Hello Master B! Thanks for the add and your nice comment. I like your univers and your music. Makes me feel happy ;) Have a good day! Cheers! Ana”

Ana Garcia-Agundez - myspace

“hey babe...keep tellin' it your way... ”

Kate Young - myspace

“Dear master b Every time that we listen or write music... play an instrument... dance... act in a play... or work in some audio/image/video engineering process... Something is healing inside... When we share it with friends... Something is healing all over... We are connected Vibejays”

ViBeJays - myspace

“Listened to your tune while you were replying...its like a 9 layer chocolate cake - lots of depth/flavour. Thanks for the chance to share. Namaste Urs”

Ursula - facebook

“lol ur 2 funny m.b u da man much respect denn peace”

Denn - myspace

“Mmmmmm. Speechlessly good new picture. xxx sa ”

Scarlet Apron - myspace

“You've made some really great music, especially "Earth". Thanks for adding me, and stopping buy. I hope all is well and good with you, stay cool:)”

J. Von Trippy. - myspace

“Hello new friend I love your music ! Hugs Rosemarie”

Rosemarie - myspace

“Thanks dude. You have a great sound - Really diggin it man. Mark”

Mark Barnes Music - myspace

“hey man love the beats keep up the good work”

Bryan - myspace

“Hello Master b, The pleasure is all mine you talented man you. Your music is wonderful. Electric dreams..yeah..loved that song in the 80's. Take Care Irena xx”

Irena - myspace

“I find your tunes give off a very "chill-out" vibe, much like Massive Attack. Perfect for sitting in a comfy chair with earphones on, closing your eyes, and going on an adventure of the mind... ...Or something like that. lol. Anyhoo, take care, man. Laterz.”

Laterz. - myspace

“Hi Master B, many thanks for the add. Your sound has beautiful colors. Keep your fire burning! Tony.”

Sonya Perenda - myspace

“nice music bro. im feelin the experimental side. keep doin ya thing. thanks for the comment. peace!”

John Alsace - myspace

“Hello Master B! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your Myspace world. Cheers to your continued inspiration and success! ~peace~ xox Julia”

Soul Harp - myspace

“We really appreciate your work! Thanks for supporting HDFEST and being our friend. HDFEST is a great resource for musicians and filmmakers.”

HDFEST - myspace