Derek Buddemeyer / Press

“Afterthoughts is one of those albums which needs numerous plays to explore its many diverse corners of sound as well as the thoughts and emotions it incites during its engagement. The release from rock guitarist Derek Buddemeyer unveils a little something more within its expanse of instrumental pieces with each encounter whilst lighting different imagery each time too and though it is not always as consistently successful, it is a rewarding and enjoyable engagement which is easy to return to and often. ”

“Normally on a 10 track album I try to write about 7 or 8 tracks, and skip over a couple as otherwise you end up with a massive write up (like this), but with Afterthoughts from Derek Buddemeyer it was impossible to skip any as each one presents a slightly different approach. From start to finish this is an album which will keep you interested, keep you listening, and show that there’s someone out there waving the flag of real, guitar driven rock and synth drive ballads. Do I want to hear more? Hell yes I want to hear more….definitely one to get hold of! ”