Denver Boot / Press

"William Moretti is the creative force behind the band, which he bills as "moody folk with a touch of country picking, and hold the phony accent." This album is pretty darn special from start to bonus track finish." "Similar to work by kindred locals Brown Bird and Joe Fletcher, 6 to 9, 7 . . . 12 is another must-hear collection of indie-folk/roots/blues/Americana. A slew of friends chipped in, including the sharp rhythm section of John Viveiros (upright bass) and Sean Brown (drums), who gets the gallop going on the opener "I Disagree." Go-to slide guitarist Mike Samos is a perfect fit for Moretti across the album, notably on "Sensible Man," where he laments, "Left you amongst the wolves in sheep's clothing/I did my best to warn you." Things get cooking on the feisty personal favorite "Cold Water," where Moretti heats up: "If I'd treat you better would it have changed today? You made up your mind, don't tease that you will stay/It's just fool's gold."

“I’ve seen the Denver Boot several times, but this is the first show with the new line up. Billy (singer/guitar) has been the only constant throughout. Tonight he and Valerie Poirot (singer) take the stage first. They play a sweet acoustic duet. Valerie leaves as Amato (stand up bass), and John (banjo) take the stage. I’m amazed how tight they sounds, this has been my favorite incarnation to date. ”

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