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“The formidable talents of the brilliant Denny Diamond and his more than capable sons were joined in this show by daughter Sarah, who added quite a bit of charm, humor and some talent of her own. Denny and offspring's interaction with each other and with the audience showed not only a very warm family dynamic but also very accomplished performers who know how to give an audience what they want and leave them clamoring for more. Indeed, the band gave their audience more than the set two hours and the standing ovations and very enthusiastic reaction from the crowd suggested that another two hours would have been emphatically welcomed, despite the lateness of the hour. Denny's wonderful strong baritone voice sounded more than up to the task of singing Neil Diamond songs all night long, and Spenser and Lucas' tremendous voice and musical talents showed no sign of tiring either. I personally am more than willing to sit and listen and enjoy for as long as Denny, Lucas and Spenser ...”

Ticketmaster review

“Denny Diamond has Neil's voice inflections down pat. As he says, he doesn't look like or sound exactly like Neil Diamond but I would say he's got it pretty close. As he also says (and I am a Fan of Chuck Norris) he resembles Ranger Walker, and he certainly does. The performance was enjoyable. .... The performance was enjoyable and worth the money. My Wife and I both had a good time. His interpretation of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Coming to America were very, very good. He did a great job on two of my Favorites ! !”

Ticketmaster review

“Great concert. This family has an amazing musical talent. Thank you for sharing your gifts with others. We are looking forward to seeing them again in the future.”

Ticketmaster review

“Denny Diamond sounds very much like Neil. Close your eyes and you could be listening to the real thing. The band is also quite good, especially the drummer. Favorite moment: Entire concert was entertaining”

Ticketmaster review

“Great show and I loved that there were songs included in this setlist that are not often heard, such as Stargazer, Say Maybe and Hell Yeah. Such a delightful, fun performance! Denny's wonderful baritone voice makes every song he sings enjoyable and his terrific sense of humor and love of performing shines through every performance. Denny's very talented sons Lucas and Spenser, completing the family trio were also great, and the easy, fun-loving interaction between the father and his boys is heartwarming to see. I also really enjoyed the contribution of their keyboard player, Tara Singer, and the song that she performed showcased her wonderful singing voice. I can't wait for next year's show and will again purchase my ticket six months in advance, once again choosing my coveted front row seat to enjoy the tremendous display of talent and humor up close. Really fun, really enjoyable and always a joy to see this band!”

Ticketmaster review

“What's the next best thing to seeing Neil Diamond in concert? Seeing a Neil Diamond tribute, Denny Diamond!”

Doings Weekly

“Great show sounds as good as Neil or better than he is today”

“Denny Diamond and his very talented sons always put on a great show and the time always flies by way too quickly, but this show was spectacular. Denny is such a fun, engaging performer, loaded with talent, and his really beautiful singing voice is something I could listen to all night long. Denny always gives the crowd what they want and makes sure each and every person in the audience is noticed and feels that he is singing for them. He and his sons always leave one happy, laughing, flushed with excitement and wanting more. It is extremely thoughtful of the guys to greet the audience after the show, and Denny, Lucas and Spenser's friendly personality shines here also, and not just onstage. I will be very happy to return to any show they do here at Pheasant Run and am already looking forward to next year!”

“Take 1 Denny Diamond, add 2 Family Jewels, mix in 1 Precious Gem. Stir gently + blend with 1 understanding wife/mom/manager. Follow directions, there are no substitutions. Enjoyed every time!”

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“Denny got several standing ovations from everyone so.... thank you so much for bringing Denny back, we got there early, stayed for the entire show, and loved it! He is an outstanding performer, and with the backing of Spenser and Lucas (Family Jewels) wow, he rocked! We could have listened a few more hours! So just a note to tell you THANKS for a great fest, having Denny back, and hoping to see more of Denny and the Family Jewels (how talented those kids are!) at Schaumburg festivites! Thom & Sue Schlewitt”

Personal Note

“The Neil Diamond tribute artist's emulation for the most part, begins and ends with those distinct, raspy pipes, so just close your eyes and you'll swear you're hearing "Sweet Caroline" from the man himself...but tonight the public gets the "Solitary Man" all to themselves.”

The Nashville Rage

“In 2000, after appearing on Dick Clark's "Your Big Break" television show, his career path seemed cast”

Lilli Kuzma - Arlington Heights Post

“Denny's last performance at Metropolis was one of the hottest invitation-only events we've ever seen, but now is your chance to sing “Sweet Caroline” as loud as you can. One night only!"”

Northwest Chicago Convention Bureau

“What an amazing night. The sold out crowd at Metropolis had the time of their lives. You got them on their feet singing and dancing and they loved every minute of your show. We had patrons already asking when you'd be back to our theater. Thank you for such a great show.”

Jim Jarvis, Metropolis Performing Arts Center - Personal Quote

“Cab ride from downtown - $55.00 Cover charge - $5.00 each Cab ride back to downtown - $65.00 Seeing you in Chicago - priceless”

Morgan & Jenny(Nashville, Tn. - Personal Quote

“Svehla's vocal impersonation — a dead-on mimic of Diamond's raspy pipes — is nothing to scoff at, and it's earned him high-profile gigs at the Frist Center, Cannery Row Revival fest, even a private party for Keith Urban.”

Dave Paulson - The Tennessean

“Which Mr. Diamond is it - Denny or Neil? Singer, musician and Neil Diamond impersonator Denny Diamond presents an evening of Neil Diamond music, drawing from 300 Diamond songs such as "Song, Sung Blue," "Sweet Caroline" and "Cherry, Cherry.”

Daily Herald

“So the resemblance between the two Diamonds begins and ends with the baritone voice.”

Jack Bess - Mundelein Review

“Denny Diamond came on stage greeted with big applause. He plays in Nashville so often he even has his own band of Nashville musicians. The set was a good variety of songs including Neil Diamond favorites like “Coming to America” and “Sweet Caroline”

Nashville Feed

“Neil Diamond hasn't told us to stop yet. That's good...right??”

Dennis Svehla - Personal Quote

“Congratulations, Denny. A wonderful Father's Day indeed for your family and the 5000 others. That is a very impressive audience. Your are helping to keep the Neil's music "Live" out there. Regards, Alison Zanetos Assistant to ND”

Alison Zanetos Assistant to ND - Personal Quote

“Denny Diamond and his sons, Luke and Spenser, always put on a terrific show and this was no exception.”

Woodstock Independent

““Denny Svehla brings natural warmth to your heart and a new breath of life to Neil Diamond’s music. Denny as Neil Diamond sounds like Americana: Warm, comforting - just what you expect!  Captivating! Energetic! Charismatic! A guaranteed crowd pleaser and a sold out show!” -”

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