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Dennis MC DoNoUgh! (aka) of JUNG WOMBATS! is ready, willing, and able to come and lighten up any room, venue or festival stage with a set of his unique, imitable “Iconoclastic Songs From The Far Side Of Folk” and “Archetypal Rock-n-Roll From The Collective Unconscious!” Dennis is a writer, singer, and plays a caustic guitar. He occasionally performs in the guise of alter egomaniacs with “McMonikers” like Juice Brucesteen, Bruce PINKsteen, Blue Springstream, Bruuuce Holsteen, BRUCE FRANKENSTEEN & The Fun Ghouls, Repeat Seeger, Elfish Presley, Johnny Cash Cow, Bovine DIddley, Gym Nastics, Jim Doorison, Dennis McDOGma, Dennis McLennon, Dennis McJagger & The Rolling Blarney Stones, InSANiTY Claus, and FUNcle D!

Dennis MC DoNoUgh! is also the confrontational front man in several perversions of the band called JUNG WOMBATS! that plays an electric, eclectic mix of old, new, burrowed and blue originals, straight covers, twisted covers, and aboriginal "schmedleys" - two (or more!) songs being played simultaneously. For example, The Doors meet The Beatles on "Can't Buy Me Love Me Two Times!"; Bo Diddley meets Jimi Hendrix on "Hey Bo!"; BRUCE FRANKENSTEEN and & The Fun Ghouls! meet The Dead Kennedy's on "The Monster MOSH!" and The Monkees meet themselves on the "Last Train To Zilchville!".

Dennis MC DoNoUgh! was born in the USA, raised in The Great Garden State of New Jersey, and made in America! He comes not merely to entertain but also to educate., inform, enlighten, incite, and inspire. For a folked-up, rocked-out, good time call Dennis MC DoNoUgh! (aka) at (917) 617-4584 (NO TEXT!)

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Juice Brucesteen!, Bruuce Holsteen!, BRUCE FRANKENSTEEN!, Blue Sprucesteen!
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Dennis MC DoNoUgh! (aka)
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Comedy / Folk Rock / Iconoclastic Satirical Parody

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Somerset, NJ
Buffy Kinkaid

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