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“Relatively unknown and super-talented, strummer-songwriter Denitia Odigie just appeared out of nowhere on our musical radar, like a flock of swans in airplane formation. Recorded in somebody’s living room with only guitar, organ, mini-moog and voice, the Dream Suite EP is quiet but powerful–pretty sure no amount of tracks could make these original songs shine much better. Must have been a sunny living room.”

"Basically everything that Denitia writes or records is “soulful” in some respect, but damn… “Vitality” has got soul. We’re talking Erykah Badu-meets-Chaka Khan, then throw in the most tasteful elevator music, with a little bit of Shelby Lynn—(if the girl had some class)—and that’s what Denitia has dished out. From start to finish, this record is in a constant state of grooving; relaxed or raunchy; sweet or sultry. It’s all there. At the same time, “Vitality” manages to be what is probably the most laid-back set of recordings I’ve heard all year. Few artists can actually accomplish creating a record that not only grooves, but relaxes, from start to finish...fresh and classic."

The Deli

“As soon as Odigie opened her mouth, the crowd went silent. She's a smiley, unassuming little lady who looks a lot like Lauryn Hill and laughs like a scheming five year old. But, when she's on stage, you can almost feel her squeezing your heart with her bare hands. Her voice is raw and haunting, and soars unpredictably to unimaginable heights. Between that and her slow electric guitar, Denitia's heart-wrenching love songs are of a dark, soulful ilk that would make Jeff Buckley fans weep.”

“The Next Big Musical Acts to Come out of Last Week's SXSW: Denitia Odigie is the beautifully comfortable mesh of Corinne Bailey Rae and Nneka on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Her heartfelt vocals dance effortlessly on top of crisp complex Neo-soul arrangements. Denitia is signed to the same publishing company as Jace Everrett (performer of the Trueblood theme song), so we can all expect to see big things in Ms. Odigie's bright and soulful future. ”

““…folk-soul siren…a woman whose voice can range from a whisper to a roar within the span of a single song…To call her voice and music ethereal is an oversimplification -- there's something so graceful and angelic…””

Steve Wildsmith - The Daily Times (Knoxville,TN)

"The sweetness in her voice is a reminder of Corinne Bailey Rae (her look too), with Feist’s folk raw intensity. … a musical mix with a tinge of country, sprinkles of soul, scatters of acoustic and drizzles of caramel gospel."

Coko Galore - Awmusic.ca

"...tasteful pop music: the product of a modern ear and a world-wise iTunes library...likely to resonate with heartsick 20-something indie-pop fans."

Ajay Miranda - 'Nites blog

““…a warm acoustic palette and a soul pulse. Above the swaying grooves, though, her melodies never settle into an intuitive soul-style flow, instead spraying emotion outside such well-trod routes.” (Nashville Scene 2009) ”

Jewly Hight - Nashville Scene